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  1. Texas Sold: R1T RMaxx Running Boards - Brand New - $700

    Selling a brand new set of RMaxx Running boards for an R1T. Located in DFW. Reasonable delivery range is fine. Never got a chance to install before my R1S order popped up. Will be buying a set for the R1S once I pick it up. High quality product.
  2. Texas Sold: 2022 R1T Launch Green, BM - $76k

    2022 R1T Launch Edition Black Mountain Interior 22 Bright Sports and brand new tires all around and one spare tire in the bed 14,XXX miles Located in DFW All weather mats and bed mat included Good as new condition and only ever hand washed Will throw in a set of RMaxx Running Boards if you buy...
  3. How do you turn on the 110V outlets in the bed?

    Searched every interface on the screen and googled, but I couldn’t find the energy symbol icon anymore where perhaps that is buried. I’m guessing. A software update changed the layouts and I’m lost. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Launch Green Going Black

    Finally decided I’m sticking with my R1T and cancelling our R1S order so I’m getting into exterior mods. Debadged the sides today and swapped front and back for the Abstract Ocean satin black. Rivian’s adhesive was a much bigger pain in the ass than other OEMs. Just kept rubbing with WD40...
  5. Texas Sold: Pirelli 22s w 12k Miles

    I got 2 Pirelli 22s with about 12k miles at 6/32 that I’m about to take off. Apparently the 22 Pirellis are on nationwide back order at Discount Tire. Might just have these recycled, but thought I’d see if anyone wants these at maybe $150 each to use as a spare. I got a nail in one of the...
  6. R1S vs R1T Rear Legroom

    Do the 2nd row seats in the R1S slide back to have more room versus the R1T? Have a Q4 R1S delivery. My toddler kicks my husbands back seat and drives him nuts. Rear seat room is one of the main things I liked about my Lightning over my R1T. Thanks in advance.
  7. Texas Sold: Pick your new R1T - Shop Access

    I’ve currently got access to the R1T shop at pre-hike pricing and almost all configurations are available. Husband decided to get an Ioniq 5 instead. Will let anyone pick their R1T and then I’ll purchase / flip to you at my cost plus $5k if anyone wants it. Located in DFW. DM if interested.
  8. Texas R1T for only $77k at DFW Dealer

    Not mine, but probably the best used price I’ve seen. Sharing in case anyone here is looking. It’s at Stonebriar Chevy in Frisco...
  9. Powder Coating Bright 22" Wheels

    I’ve got a Launch Green R1T. Took the free upgrade to 22 brights, but think I want to powder coat them black. Anyone have recommendations on whether to use matte, satin or gloss? In the near future, I’d also like to take the emblems black as well as wrap the metal on the bumpers, etc.
  10. Slow response to key fob?

    Just curious if others have this issue. I have my phone as a key setup but also carry my fob everywhere. I still get severe lags sometimes when approaching my R1T where it doesn’t unlock for 5 seconds or so. And sometimes when I pull out my fob to unlock it, I still press the buttons like 10...
  11. Steering wheel shake at highway speeds

    Any of y’all have thoughts on this? Noticed today for the first time, but I was doing 70 and noticed my steering wheel was vibrating and rattling. Attached video is best. Getting a service appointment setup, but curious if this is any type of known issue or anything concerning. Thanks.
  12. Stiffer ride on lower settings?

    I’m trying to figure out if my mind is playing tricks on me. Does the ride stiffen when staying in all purpose mode but switching from normal to lower? I’m short and it’s easier to get in and out of on lower, but feel like I’m feeling more of the imperfections of the road as compared to normal.
  13. Keep the Lightning or R1T ?

    Pick up my LE R1T tomorrow and had my Lightning for about 3 months. Leaning towards selling the Lightning. Anyone own both who can comment? 37 year old dad of 1 who really likes the Lightning but like new technology as well. Comfortable ride quality on crappy Dallas roads is one of my top...
  14. Ford Charge Station Pro

    I’ve got a Wave 1 Lightning reservation which includes the free 80-Amp Ford Charge Station pro. Will this be comparable with the Rivian? Assuming it will be fine for charging my R1T as well (although realize the intelligent backup power feature won’t work unless Rivian releases the...
  15. Running boards / steps

    Had a First Mile test drive this AM. Must say that it was taller than expected getting in. Really think it could use some running boards or steps of some kind. Wonder who starts selling some first.
  16. Can I have your LE order if intend to cancel?

    Should have posted yesterday, but would anyone who intends to cancel an LE reservation transfer it to me? I will gladly refund your deposit, just hoping to get an earlier R1S, although I too am equally pissed off by the bait and switch. Thanks.
  17. Off Road Package for R1T LE ?

    Debating whether I should add to my R1T LE. Going with Rivian Blue with the 20 ATs. City boy and doubt I ever take it off road, just wondering if I should spend it now in case I ever resell it since you can’t add it after production. Curious how many people really see it as essential?
  18. Anyone still waiting on delivery window estimate?

    Anyone else still waiting on delivery estimates? Placed orders for 2 R1S and 1 R1T in early 2021. Located in Dallas. Just curious if I’m alone as it looks lot of people got updates right after RJs blast.