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  1. Jnz

    Project Midnight R1T

    Thank you for posting all of the details on your build and journey. The truck looks absolutely incredible! Love the way the trim came out. And the wheels and tires look awesome. That's a great combo. Enjoy it!
  2. Jnz

    Charging at my cabin.

    Agree with others that 120v is not the way to go if you will use the cabin in Maine winters. We have a place in the Adirondacks and barely maintained charge on 120v when it got really cold (<0 degree F). If you can afford it, have your electrician trench a line and install a 14-50 plug near your...
  3. Jnz

    New to Rivian. Coming from Tesla world. Scared.

    We've had a Model X for 4 years and now an R1T for 1 year. We regularly make about a 225 mile trip from Northern NJ to the Adirondacks. The Model X will do it, but barely, if you charge to 100% and stay at 70 or lower. The R1T makes it without a problem, even charging only to 90%. And it's much...
  4. Jnz

    YETI +Rivian design partnership easter egg?!?

    The new Yeti camp green color goes well with Forrest Edge, too. (And also matches Launch Green pretty well.)
  5. Jnz

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    Not liking the update. Agree with others that I would like a “medium” setting that is basically the old programming. Low speed coming out of my driveway was grest - much improved. After that, not so much. I don’t feel like bumps at speed are dramatically better. I still feel them. And the side...
  6. Jnz

    Forest Edge Owners - Any Regrets?

    Absolutely love it! Still looks perfect after 10 months, 15k miles. Love the wood color that comes with it. My launch Green with Forest Edge is a great combo. Looks great with most of the other colors, too.
  7. Jnz

    Can you charge a Tesla with a Rivian wall charger?

    My wife has a Model X, and we share the Rivian Wall Charger. Neither of us typically drive far enough in 1 day to need to charge both vehicles daily. We just try to make a point of plugging in one of the vehicles each night, and that’s worked perfectly for us now for almost a year. We bought...
  8. Jnz

    Is anyone else as pissed off/frustrated at having to pay for the reinforced underbody just because I need the 20” wheels?

    No. Every manufacturer packages options. And Rivian, in particular, needs to continue to streamline to increase efficiency and profitability.
  9. Jnz

    Tire Rotation by independent shop in NJ?

    Where in NJ are you? I booked Rivian mobile service thru the app to rotate the tires. $60. Super convenient.
  10. Jnz

    Second guessing R1T "purchase"

    I am a pretty risk averse person and often feel a bit of “buyers remorse” right after agreeing to a big purchase (usually before completing the purchase - when buying a house, that month between contract and closing is terrible for me :p ). While I originally had that feeling when I selected my...
  11. Jnz

    Are you changing your charging limit after latest update?

    I have not gotten the update yet, but from the photos I’ve seen, I like the way Rivian implemented this. It looks like you can still select 70/85/100 easily, but then there’s also the slide for custom limits. It’s nice to have both. Tesla has just the slider and the OCD in me gets annoyed when I...
  12. Jnz

    GM Ditching Apple Carplay for future EVs

    There must be something to this - Tesla doesn’t offer CarPlay/Android Auto. Rivian obviously doesn’t. And now GM is ditching it for their EVs. Is it because of the issue of letting someone’s phone handle navigation when it doesn’t have the vehicle’s data about battery range/efficiency/etc.?
  13. Jnz

    Tire wear condition at 15k miles, 10 months (photos)

    Nothing scientific, but my wife’s Tesla (dual motor Model X) eats thru front tires faster than this. We get a year and ~12,000 miles maybe. Replaced the front OEM continental after 1 year, and then swapped all 4 for Michelins after year 2. Just now replaced the front Michelins after a year. She...
  14. Jnz

    Connection Lost message on Rivian App: “Connection lost. Get close to your vehicle and make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on.”

    Old thread, but in my case, it wasn’t the truck. I restarted my phone and the app connection came right back. Haven’t seen the Connection Lost page since.
  15. Jnz

    R1T Ride Quality Harsh on Bumpy Surfaces

    I haven’t driven an R1T on 22’s. I have the 20’s. But we have a Model X, too, and I find the ride in the Rivian vastly superior. I always used to joke in the X that I could feel a cigarette butt in the road in that thing. Our X is a 2019 Raven. Maybe the newer ones are better.
  16. Jnz

    Tires Wearing Out by 25k miles, 20 inch A/T

    My wife’s Tesla X got ~10-12k on the OEM Conti’s. And they’re staggered. And crappy traction. We switched to Michelins this year and getting somewhat better wear. But the weight and torque of EVs will always eat tires. I’d love to get 25k on the Rivian AT’s. They’re also 3-peak snow rated, so a...
  17. Jnz

    AdventureMat - MagSafe Charging Pad

    Wow. More room than I expected! I’ll keep an eye out for the max version!
  18. Jnz

    AdventureMat - MagSafe Charging Pad

    My wife does that, too! I meant above the phone. There’s a gap there between the bottom of the armrest and the Rivian mat. I’m just curious how tight it is once you add the new pad you made and a phone on top. Thanks!
  19. Jnz

    AdventureMat - MagSafe Charging Pad

    This looks great. I will definitely order the Max version when available. Do you have any photos showing clearance under the armrest when the phone is on the pad? Just curious how much space is there for the phone.