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  1. aPOY

    k3g's R1T build thread

    I love your Air reel mod! I’m thinking of doing the same. Questions: Are the brackets being sold from Apex webpage not good enough? Also is the blue hose on the pics came with the reel order or is that a different brand? You made a great point on the real location that it’s going to be harder...
  2. aPOY

    RIVIAN BLUE Rivian Photos

    Summer 23’ @ Grayland Beach along side with my friends Toyota truck
  3. aPOY

    Multiple Errors // Update Version 2023.42.1

    I’ve been holding off the recent update as well after I heard about the nightmares on 42.0. And I’m also not seeing any available updates on my Rivian app. Until Rivian’s OTA team get their act right and after I hear from the masses that it’s 99% safe, I’m not going to apply any future updates.
  4. aPOY

    Has anyone received their refund for an amended 2022 federal tax return?

    Same thing happened to me, but I got the IRS notice before receiving the physical check. 😂 They delivered my R1T May 2023. I filed my tax amendment 6/2 and received the checked 7/7.
  5. aPOY

    How often does kneel mode not work: same for easy entry/ exit?

    OP, both my kneel mode and easy entry/exit access works for me 100% of the time. My R1T got delivered May of this year. For kneel mode, make sure you have the settings configured/enabled to activate when “parked”. The only time this feature won’t work is when parked on an incline or when a door...
  6. aPOY

    Lock/Unlock Procedures

    Not sure if you’ve tried this yet, but when I’m at home and I know that I won’t be using my R1, I usually just close the Rivian App. This way even if I’m in the garage with my phone, my R1 won’t wake up. As far as the lag behind unlocking R1, I concur with others that it's dependent on the...
  7. aPOY

    PNW R1T Delivery

    I took delivery of my R1T last week, 5/17. Pros: Under belly screws/bolts are secured Steering wheel is aligned No vampire drain (so far) Easy charging (Rivian Charger) Alarms & notification works Maps were accurate Speaker system works All keys (incl. phone) works Fun to drive Cons...
  8. aPOY

    Gear tunnels, air compressor, tailgate, and gear guard lock stopped working

    Bellevue SC has really a long back log. I took delivery of my R1T last week (Wednesday) with small issues, biggest was the alignment of my tailgate. Bellevue SC helped me submit service ticket and secured a spot for a fix in August. Got it tinted today, and love driving it!
  9. aPOY

    Vampire Drain Relating to Frunk Trim -- my solution to reduce drain %

    Thanks for this information! By chance, have you shared this with your guide yet? I’m curious as to what would they say and if they would share this with their engineers for thorough testing. Again, thanks for finding this out!
  10. aPOY

    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    Feb 22’ pre-order (Quad Max initially) | Changed to Quad Large Pack Jan 23’ | Blue | BM + Dark Ash | 20” AT | w/ Under Body | EDD: May-June 23’