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  1. txtravwill

    Cybertruck No Resale for 12 months - per order agreement

    I guess Tesla has the ability to track and enforce this much more than for example GMC that does with with Hummer/Cadillac or Ford with Bronco. You have to transfer a vehicle directly with Tesla if you sell, etc. and they would easily deny the transfer.
  2. txtravwill

    Errors galore finally :-(

    Ah mainly on delivery had a dent that took forever to fix, some rattles to fix, and then the entire key system failed, requiring new bluetooht module in handle and more. That took 30+ days also. This who knows, hopefully they prioritized it. That combined with looking at more traditional cars...
  3. txtravwill

    Errors galore finally :-(

    R1T is getting towed for fixes on Monday. Sure t will be like new again after service but I'm kinda done with Rivian I think. Going order something else and sell this R1T in January.
  4. txtravwill

    Can Rivian save the camp speaker?

    I'd just prefer lockable safe storage there instead. Seems may be coming.
  5. txtravwill

    Who wants Park in High Mode

    I'd prefer a high default for it to raise back to under say 49
  6. txtravwill

    Software Update 2023.42 - Gauge View for Dual Motors and Other Improvements

    This is my most anticipated update because 2023.38 messed up and airbag system has issues, no ACC, no connectivity to cloud, etc. I'm just hoping this one downloads so can see if installing it will fix issues. Service visits due to failed software updates when the can't repush are horrible if...
  7. txtravwill

    Is your experience with the Rivian GPS Nav as Bad as Mine has been?

    I hate it. My house isn't even in it, out in address and takes you 50 miles away. The traffic is not accurate and estimates for arrival by far. Satellite images are way older than Googles, etc.
  8. txtravwill

    R1S: No cloud connectivity

    Lost my connectivity after last update too. Service needed in person to fix, ug.
  9. txtravwill

    R1T Large Inventory Concerns?

    Definitely slow demand for vehicles in the $90k range, especially a midsize truck with less range/functionality and basic limitations on software like the R1T. If I had to spend $90k today I'd wait for rates to lower, or if have cash I'd get a more functional full size truck that I'd an IXE...
  10. txtravwill

    Tire Software Swap, Why does it need to go to the service center?

    They can't seem to even push out software remotely to a specific truck yet. Our last update failed and apparently it has to come in for a reinstall attempt to fix issues.
  11. txtravwill

    Update Limbo/Issue Here

    Ha thanks tried several times over days. Sticks at 16% for 10 mins then does start up at least. No go. Seems failed install.
  12. txtravwill

    Update Limbo/Issue Here

    Hmmm have the Halloween Gary, and still shows 2023.34 as well on app. Can't wait for 2023.42 or so to see if can fix stuff. If it even downloads.
  13. txtravwill

    Grumpy Rivian drivers no wave

    Some people don't care if they have the same vehicle, not really a big deal. Here in rural TX we all want to our neighbors.
  14. txtravwill

    Mobile tech fixed dash speaker grill rattle -- details & photos

    Thanks! May have to do this myself. Mine rattles on the slightest asphalt road even now. Guess can take it off and add some tape/thickness to the metal tabs if those are what are doing it, nice.
  15. txtravwill

    Is it worth flipping an R1S?

    No, not at this point.
  16. txtravwill

    Update Limbo/Issue Here

    Question to if anyone else has had this occur. Truck has been parked at airport all week. I did get notified with a push that the new 2023.38.0 update is available on phone, of course did NOT update it being there and out of town. Got back today though and started truck and go airbag system...
  17. txtravwill

    1st Cybertruck deliveries officially set for Nov 30... annual production capacity >125K

    I predict: 1. Tesla is going to have some hard times ahead. Market will grow but their share will slow and their margins will have to decrease like they did. They have also messed up their cars some with removing key tech (ultrasonics, radar, etc.) which make them less usable in simple...
  18. txtravwill

    Powered tonneau fix = new dual motors setup

    Sweet, you guys with powered tonneaus will have new covers that work for at least a year maybe...
  19. txtravwill

    Are you guys watching this? EV's in decline!

    I did see today that 50% of EV owners will go back to ICE after their EV. Not sure who was polled exactly besides owners. I could see that happening a lot with less techy buyers that want quality, range, and no charging worries. Nothing wrong, oil demand is still going to be growing for say...
  20. txtravwill

    Rivian Quality - Would you hesitate to buy another in a few years?

    I'd probably NOT go with Rivian as of now. Maybe in a few years My R1T rattles in areas more than any vehicle I've owned (that is lots). The interior isn't as functional as other trucks. The vents kind of annoy me for sure. The height is odd but steps helped, manual ones though. And their...