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  1. Kacey3

    North Texas - Recommendations for Tint and Running board

    I don't have the answer, but we have both a FB group and a Discord server for the Rivian Club of North Texas, and I'm sure some folks over there would have the answer. Feel free to PM me for links.
  2. Kacey3

    Reason 1 why not to eat in your R1T or R1S

    How well do these fit in the Rivian? It seems like it has less space between the seat and the center console than most cars I've owned. Anyone got photos of them in place?
  3. Kacey3

    22" Inch Tire Options

    I was wondering the same thing yesterday and found this Google Spreadsheet that someone created to track all tire options for all wheel setups. Super handy! Rivian Tire Options And what I appreciate most is that they include the OEM tires and basically compare all other options from there.
  4. Kacey3

    2002 4Runner --> 2023 R1S. Anyone else coming from a 20+ year-old vehicle?

    I sold my 2003 Subaru Baja in order to put the downpayment on my R1T back in February. It was like moving from the Stone Age into Sci Fi. I can't say I don't miss my curious little "truck," but I do love my Rivian and would not go back, even if I had the opportunity.
  5. Kacey3

    Tire rotation - Discount Tire

    I had a good experience there, as well. Just be sure you take your key fob... they don't know what to do with a key card.
  6. Kacey3

    Charging at home using mobile charger w/ NEMA 14-50 plug?

    We've been using the portable charger with a NEMA 10-30P adapter for nearly a year. We don't often drive more than a few miles a day, but even when we need to charge before a long trip, we get plenty of charge overnight to get us ready. You just have to be prepared to charge longer if you drive...
  7. Kacey3

    Do we have a Rivian Wave?

    I know too many scooter riders, so they still get a wave. Heck I even wave at cyclists. I used to be a little salty over Can-Am and Trike riders, but I've met too many folks who have physical or sensory issues that prevent them from riding on two wheels, so three wheels is all they can do...
  8. Kacey3

    Lightning is a Better Road Tripper than our Rivian R1T

    When we took our first EV Road Trip in the Rivian back in March, this was our realization as well, and we weren't disappointed by charge times at all. Overall, the trip didn't feel that much different than any ICE trip we'd taken in the past, except that we had to plan our route around chargers...
  9. Kacey3

    Front License Plate Mount

    Reminds me of the SnapPlate... but more "spartan."
  10. Kacey3

    Rivian app 2.0 is live!

    I don't believe mine every gave me the option to contact my guide. Maybe it's because I bought mine used, but I know that I still have a guide assigned to me/my R1T.
  11. Kacey3

    Good floor mat option

    As much as I loved the color and texture of the OEM mats, they were slick as snail snot. But since I didn't need all-weather mats, I went with these nice carpeted ones from EV Sportline...
  12. Kacey3

    Do we have a Rivian Wave?

    Or motorcycles... unless you're a dick, you wave at everyone on two wheels. For us, it's kind of like saying "Stay safe out there."
  13. Kacey3

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Admittedly, I only use it for the voice command because I don't really like my garage door opening until I can actually see it.
  14. Kacey3

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    This can be done with Alexa, but it's not an easy task. Lots of integrations to be set up, but entirely possible.
  15. Kacey3

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Two things I'd like to see: When I get an error that says "proximity sensors blocked," I'd like to know which sensor is actually blocked. It just gives one general error and shows a grey field around the front bumper of the truck. I have the Built Right license plate holder and it has to be...
  16. Kacey3

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Mine closes automatically when I shift into Drive or Reverse. I haven't tested to see if it closes when locking.
  17. Kacey3

    Francis Energy location charging issues?

    We drove through Oklahoma on our way from North Texas to Colorado Springs and the worst charging experiences we had on the entire trip were all Francis Energy. One out of Five stars, cannot recommend.
  18. Kacey3

    Alexa voice commands that work for me (updated with official full list)

    There are possibly some steps missing since I did this a couple of years back. I will preface this with I have an iPhone, so anything I do remember correctly is all based around that. Get the LiveKey app for your phone and create an account. You can link your MyQ account to your LiveKey app...