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  1. Proof of insurance when vehicle isn’t picked up yet

    With State Farm I provided the VIN and made the insurance effective on delivery date. They happily emailed proof of insurance to me.
  2. Villain dinged my R1S and just fled (Gear Guard video recording)

    My service center did PDR on my tailgate for free after my bike shifted taking it off my rack…I blame the positioning on the hitch receiver on that! SC was awesome! They always have PDR people in the house!
  3. Audi SQ8 starting at $89,800 - Tri motor - 0-60 in 4.2 seconds

    That’s the problem with e-trons…range way too low
  4. Touch Up Paint - Does it match?

    I had the SC touch up a scratch for silver and it didn’t match! I had them remove it and live with a scratch. 👎
  5. More 12V Problems - Always Keep Your R1T Plugged

    Please repost after you get this resolved. I’m not going to get worked up over a hypothetical. Please fix my loud and under power AC, though!!!
  6. Just took delivery 2023 R1T - First impressions.

    I’ve had to adjust my entry into the car otherwise I’d bang my melon every time 🤬
  7. 2 Rivians - Tax Credit Question

    Correct! If you can afford a Rivian I would think you would cross that hurdle on tax liability. When you amend your return you will get the $7,500 refunded (on second vehicle) given that you already settled up on what you owed on the original return (w/R1T).
  8. Bed mounted vs hitch mounted bike rack?

    1Up hitch is clearly the best …you’ll never buy another and it’s made in the USA!