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  1. Did they fix 3D sound on Rivian sound system w/latest update (22)?

    The 3D sound used to crackle at volumes around 15 for most songs ever since I picked it up in May. This is the speaker right over the driver's head. The solution seemed to be to turn off 3D sound or at least lower the setting from enhanced to On. I turned it back on recently and I don't seem...
  2. Can't play music via Alexa using linked Tidal

    Anyone successful playing music via Alexa when it is linked to a Tidal account? When I tell it to play a song it does the first note and stops, it also displays the song on my screen left screen. This happens every time. Tidal works fine in the car through the app and at home on my echoes. If I...
  3. How to check tire pressure?

    Is there no way to display the current tire pressures reported through TPMS? It looks like there is warning indicator, but no way to check the pressures. Most cars seem to have this feature nowadays. I hope I am wrong. Couldn't find it in the screens or in the manual.