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  1. 2 week old R1T will no longer charge

    Sad day, as I am getting an error message whenever I try to charge. Home charger, EA, portable...all the same. Hard resets did nothing. Have had no other issues these past 2 weeks, so this is definitely a sour spot. Have to drop it off at Bellevue in a couple hours and get a rental. Has anyone...
  2. Powder Coating in greater Seattle area?

    Looking for recommendations based on a combo of quality, price, and turnaround time. Get my R1T back tomorrow from getting stealth wrapped, and want my 22 brights to be 22 satin gun metals.
  3. Speedometer slightly off

    Took delivery Saturday and have virtually no issues at this time. However I have noticed via 3 different speed trackers around town that the speedometer speed is 2mph faster than my actual speed. Is this something that can be corrected at the SC?
  4. Daily driving question for owners

    For those who came from vehicles with HUDs, blind spot cameras upon activating turn sign, etc - Is it hard to adjust to going without those things again? I am still disappointed in some of the little things a vehicle at this price point doesn't have, that my Palisade does. Particularly the...
  5. Where are we in R1S ramp?

    Just curious what is the latest pre order date that has received their 8 steps. While not perfect, it does seem Rivian is going in more of a sequential order with the R1S ramp up.
  6. R1S Production Speed

    I know there are many here that have a lot of knowledge on manufacturing/ramps/etc. Question I have is - when they start real R1S production and delivery, shouldn't it be much faster than the T? In my mind, being that they are the same line and same parts they could theoretically switch to...
  7. Mobile drive confusion

    I guess if you give both answers, you can't be wrong?
  8. Can we be honest with each other - what benefit does a Rivian have over upcoming EVs?

    R1S pre order holder Sept 1st, 2021 and long time lurker of these forums but never registered/posted. As we see more large EVs get announced, what benefit does a Rivian have over them? The main thing Rivian had going was being first by a long shot, but now it's all close together and the...