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  1. New Products From Abstract Ocean!

    My black R1S has 35% all around. Didn’t want to cross TX legal limit and don’t like drastic difference between front and rear. Also put light smoke on all the lights, including side mirror turn signals.
  2. New Mobile Charger for $165

    I also just picked one up following a best offer of $140. Will probably just put this one in my garage and the one I know will always work in my truck. I’ll gamble at that price.
  3. New Products From Abstract Ocean!

    Pretty stoked about how my Midnight R1S looks blacked out and ceramic coated. I’ll be the first to get the side emblems as I’ve already got the old ones removed. Even my 65 year old mom said she likes it blacked out. Tint guy said this is how emblems should have came from the factory. Ha.
  4. LinerX Floormats (All Three Rows) & Cargomat Liners (R1S/R1T)

    I’ve got a tracking number but UPS only showings a label created and no activity. Jealous!
  5. LinerX Floormats (All Three Rows) & Cargomat Liners (R1S/R1T)

    Anxiously awaiting tracking movement on my shipment of the whole car offering for my R1S!
  6. Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Are the triple square R1S running boards shipping timely or waiting for production? Ordered earlier this week. Thanks!
  7. Texas R1T RMaxx Running Boards - Brand New - $700

    Holding for el_scorcho who is in Keller. I’m in Richardson. If deal falls through by the weekend, then they are yours. Will DM you.
  8. Texas R1T RMaxx Running Boards - Brand New - $700

    R1T. Will update title.
  9. Texas 2022 R1T Launch Green, BM - $76k

    Power Tonneu. Use it regularly and have had no issues at all.
  10. Texas Sold: R1T RMaxx Running Boards - Brand New - $700

    Selling a brand new set of RMaxx Running boards for an R1T. Located in DFW. Reasonable delivery range is fine. Never got a chance to install before my R1S order popped up. Will be buying a set for the R1S once I pick it up. High quality product.
  11. Texas Sold: 2022 R1T Launch Green, BM - $76k

    2022 R1T Launch Edition Black Mountain Interior 22 Bright Sports and brand new tires all around and one spare tire in the bed 14,XXX miles Located in DFW All weather mats and bed mat included Good as new condition and only ever hand washed Will throw in a set of RMaxx Running Boards if you buy...
  12. How do you turn on the 110V outlets in the bed?

    I’m a millennial and relatively tech savvy, but that’s not intuitive. I knew some of the options were missing as well, including the owners manual. Hence why I couldn’t even search for instructions. I’m a millennial, but am also adhd and not going to read every line of every software...
  13. How do you turn on the 110V outlets in the bed?

    Am I just missing something, but I don’t have that any more. I am running the latest software.
  14. How do you turn on the 110V outlets in the bed?

    Searched every interface on the screen and googled, but I couldn’t find the energy symbol icon anymore where perhaps that is buried. I’m guessing. A software update changed the layouts and I’m lost. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Anyone trade in an R1T to R1S?

    Just accepted my trade-I’m offer for $68.4k on my Launch Edition w 13,800 miles on it. Had just thrown on new tires but don’t mind if a buyer gets the benefit. Ready for my blacked out R1S now.
  16. Launch Green Going Black

    I like where you’re going. Too bad my truck got a critical battery error where I couldn’t even open the doors. Got taken back to the service center via flatbed this AM. Guessing I’m going to be without for at least a few weeks with a pack issue.
  17. “Critical battery issue”

    And after a big time headache with tires and then trying unsuccessfully to get running boards installed, I was trying to get in early to work and my R1T is throwing off the critical battery issue. Now it’s got to be towed. 🤦‍♂️. I’m a huge fan but the last few weeks of ownership have been a...
  18. Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    EV Sportline is mailing me replacement brackets, etc. 4 Wheel Parts says they ripped everything apart and they weren’t in there, but I’m still a little skeptical they didn’t pitch it. Guess I’m just delayed for install. Soon enough.
  19. Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Are the brackets, etc. in a 2nd box shipped separately? 4 Wheel Parts just called me to say there was none in the box. The Running Boards got delivered Wed last week I believe. Going to have to reschedule install now.
  20. Launch Green Going Black

    Y’all are reading too much into my comment. Anyways, I’m pretty stoked about how this is going to look when it’s blacked out.