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  1. KRo

    How do you charge your Rivian at HOME?

    Same as many - Rivian charger on 60amp, always works, 25-27 mph. It lives outside on the exterior of the garage, just like my R1T.
  2. KRo

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    Yeah… this was before they would have taken a clear coat… so they were unfinished…. But the 5 hours of meticulous masking and final prep were not to be… lol! Had the masking lines ended up razor sharp, I would have finished them… but my tires install next week and I need the paint to cure, so...
  3. KRo

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    Well.. I tried, and I failed. They pass the 10' rule, but not the 3' rule when looking at them. Too many bleeds through the masking... but tried to make them look less... 'Ram-like' ... and now they look horrifically cheap.... lol! Flat black, here we come!
  4. KRo

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    Finally getting around to priming after prepping them about six weeks ago, lol! Wheee!!!
  5. KRo

    General interest - when fast charging (RAN), motor temps increase.

    THIS is VERY INTERSTING to me, and hadn't seen this mentioned before! My R1T tracks straight as an arrow (sans road crowns were applicable) ... however sometimes a phantom 'pull to the right' (driver aids turned off) will occur and last for a period of time, then go away. Because of this, I've...
  6. KRo

    General interest - when fast charging (RAN), motor temps increase.

    Interesting you saw similar behavior when cold also. My vehicle/battery was also cold, ambient temp 39 degrees as mentioned before. Drive is slightly downhill from my house, drive is nearly exactly a mile to the RAN charger (yes, I'm proximity spoiled, lol) ... so not much acceleration or even...
  7. KRo

    General interest - when fast charging (RAN), motor temps increase.

    Something I noticed this morning when picking up some juice from the Clackamas, OR RAN charger this morning… I swapped over to the gauge display right after starting a charge to see how quickly the motor temps would drop toward the ambient temp (39 degrees) … and the opposite was happening...
  8. KRo

    R1 refresh update coming in 2024 with upgraded “Ascent” trim / model

    Well, if the rumor is correct, the name could be both 'Ascend' for off road ascents ... and 'Ass Send' with that kind of ridiculous 'lightspeed engage' power. ;)
  9. KRo

    Software Update 2023.38 Release Notes 🛜

    Being a bit of a Halloween decoration geek, I’m quite excited about this update. I’m that neighbor with the 10k watt sound system and RGB laser and DMX lighting show and six fog machines… 😂 I missed Halloween mode by two months last year, so part of me is shaking with anticipation of adding my...
  10. KRo

    How many times have you launched your Rivian?

    As others have said, is that 10+ per day? Then yes. ;) 13K miles so far, half shafts don't have 'tock' and everything is nice and tight. I also have no right to complain about the remaining rubber on my 22s. It all my fault... all my fault. Oh yes, 4-wheel powerslides are fun. This truck...
  11. KRo

    Any one else totally dissatisfied with the locking / unlocking experience?

    I don’t really have this issue either. We have a Model 3 and my R1T, and I find them both identically as responsive/occasionally sluggish at the same time, same behavior. Many of the PAAK issues actually stem down to your mobile device performance and settings, and not the car. If your FOB is...
  12. KRo

    Frunk odor eliminator

    Yup, that's the drain. As Dark-Fx stated, it's a one-way valve.
  13. KRo

    Frunk odor eliminator

    You could wash it out, there is a drain in the bottom… I had a slight odor in mine, and it came from the separator carpet. Gave it a wash, no more odor! it’s a pretty airtight space, so yeah, smells may linger, especially mildew-like smells and take out food. ;)
  14. KRo

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    Well, you guys have inspired me. Thanks to all the collaboration and knowledge everybody has researched and shared on this thread. Last winter on 22” pirellis was, fun. Lol Got a full set in good shape for dirt cheap. Took a little while before a set popped up here in PDX, waited a bit and...
  15. KRo

    Steering wheel shimmy/vibration at higher speeds - looking for a solution (alignment is fine)

    My experience and resolution - I had the 70mph+ shimmy as well when I received my R1T. Rivian took it in to investigate and found one of my 22” pirellis had a flat spot from the factory, deemed it defective, replaced it… shimmy has been gone for 12k miles and two rotations.
  16. KRo

    Paintless dent repair - Gotta give props to Todd @ TAPS PDR - Portland, OR

    Ha! Sorry, slight omission there… ;) Bill came to just under $500, which was significantly less than an auto body shop. My insurance company has been happy with my decision. Whole process took about 2.5 hours. Very positive experience!
  17. KRo

    Paintless dent repair - Gotta give props to Todd @ TAPS PDR - Portland, OR

    Quick geographical location: Portland, OR So - got a dent on my R1T tailgate a couple weeks ago by backing into a post in a parking space (yes I ignored all the alarms going off), made me sad. 😞 Read some horror stories on extravagant pricing to get it repaired, then saw a post on paintless...
  18. KRo

    Lightning is a Better Road Tripper than our Rivian R1T

    Everybody's preference and perspective will be subjective for each vehicle. It's nice to have options. ;) We took our R1T from Portland, OR to Osoyoos, BC a few weeks ago. It's an annual trip we do, about 900 miles RT (about 9 hours on the road each way). We've used two vehicles on earlier...
  19. KRo

    App not responding?

    All good here. Truck sitting overnight in the driveway, unplugged. Opened app, unlocked/locked doors just fine. iPhone.
  20. KRo

    New aftermarket (manual) Tonneau Cover for Rivian R1T

    Ouch! No issue with the bolts I received, they went in fine and have been on my truck for a few months without issue. Did the factory bolts come out fine? Wonder if there were any burrs in the threads of the new bolts? Sorry dude…