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  1. ironpig

    Cadillac Lyric - first impression

    For anyone interested in other new electric SUVs (wagons?) - My car service picked me up in a brand new Cadillac Lyric over the weekend so I thought I'd share a quick impression. Sorry the pictures are crappy but it was after a long travel day and I didn't realize it was going to be a new EV...
  2. ironpig

    Optima Overlanding Rivian R1T build teased for SEMA

    Looks like we might start to get some interesting accessories hitting the market soon. While the truck is cool, the battery pack trailer with solar panels sounds like something that could actually benefit those looking to go deeper in to remote areas...
  3. ironpig

    Error Message: Person, Animal or Loose Cargo in Gear Tunnel

    I got in the car and had this oddly specific error message. My truck is so new I haven't even put anything in the tunnel yet. I opened and closed the passenger side gear tunnel door and it went away. Error
  4. ironpig

    EDR Data Access Waiver - Sign or not?

    For those who have taken delivery, did you sign the EDR form giving Rivian access to your Event Data or pass? I'm on that step and trying to decide. normally I wouldn't sign anything giving data access voluntarily, but wondering if that's something they need for accident detection or...
  5. ironpig

    Forest Edge interior delivered pics

    Forest Edge / Forest Green R1T delivered to @heretohelp25
  6. ironpig

    Limestone. It's real. Official from Rivian

    And now it's official. And in case you missed it, a real life photo posted by @cjones1130 yesterday: