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  1. giraffesR1T

    LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    Youre probably right, but thats where the charger is. So thats their fault for not providing for Rivian haha
  2. giraffesR1T

    Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    I could see non-LEs being delivered before all LEs are delivered if the locations are set up. So where the first LEs are going, I could see them getting non-LEs before secondary markets get their LEs. I wont be happy about it, but I can see it happening.
  3. giraffesR1T

    Delivery Pics, how do we want to share on the forum???

    Share your address so all of us can meet at your home and see them in person. K thanks...
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    Rivian Customer Service: SiriusXM Radio will not be native part of the entertainment system

    Tesla just did an OTA that allows SXM connectivity through an in-dash app. So give it time, it may be available.
  5. giraffesR1T

    LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    Im still undecided if I want to go LG/FE or LG/BM. That green on green is really hard to tell through pictures. Cant pass up that LG though
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    Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    Any luck finding the Rockville location? Their permit search isnt the greatest and may be that way intentionally.
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    Part 2: We Drive the 2022 Rivian R1T Off-Road Across the Trans-America Trail - by MotorTrend

    I think this was a great article. The pictures were incredible. It showed the R1Ts capabilities in real world scenarios. They were even honest about issues that occurred. I am curious if Rivian has tested it this hard as well. This TAT run that MT did was amazing and has made me even more...
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    Demo test drives mailing list sign-up page now live on

    It was there earlier for me. it is no longer there.
  9. giraffesR1T

    Motortrend Drives the 2022 Rivian R1T Off-Road Across the Trans-America Trail

    "Alexa, Roll up the windows Alexa, Play Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin Alexa, set all cameras to record Alexa, activate tank turn"
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    Mode and Range info from the MT video

    Or for the ppl at work that cant see IG/FB lol
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    Rivian reservation holder welcome package.

    Hey there. Just wanted to say I followed through as well. Found a local chapter of this org and donated. Thanks for sharing info about this place! I didn't realize they were nationwide. Take care.
  12. giraffesR1T

    Alexa, Turn up the heat?

    Im not in the loop with what youre hinting at. Can you drop a link?
  13. giraffesR1T

    Rivian reservation holder welcome package.

    thank you for taking another positive post in this forum and turning it into to something negative. you are obnoxiously negative and are continuous with it. it is funny how you get offended and block ppl, yet act like this. get it together.
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    Rivian reservation holder welcome package.

    that can be said about anything. yes costs are built in, thats how companies make money. for this instance, my statement is saying that there is no cost to the customer since using Amazon Smile and not participating in it are the exact same price for the item. so ppl should find a charity and...
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    Rivian reservation holder welcome package.

    Thanks ill be donating this afternoon. I have a few down syndrome communities that I donate to as my Aunt has it. She also had covid and luckily made it through, but some of her friends were not as lucky. Yes, Amazon Smile program. Use it people. It has zero cost to the user. Amazon donates...
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    Rivian reservation holder welcome package.

    Whats this local charity? You may get some more donations ;)
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Did your Ducks steal that from the Philadelphia Eagles in the 90s who were called Gang Green for their defense?
  18. giraffesR1T

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    I spotted the Yiddish in this statement haha. Rarely see anyone use the word Putz.
  19. giraffesR1T

    Owner's Guide coming soon - in September!

    I wonder how many times I can read (or listen to) the Owner's guide between now and spring 2022 (my best guess for LE delivery for me) :crying: