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  1. DuckTruck

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    Unfortunately, I got nuthin' about that function..... As others have mentioned, I'm assuming a separate manual will follow shortly covering the UI/Entertainment interfaces. My Caddy and Volvo each have a separate physical manual for the electronics versus the rest of the vehicle. Given the...
  2. DuckTruck

    One-Pedal Driving and Regen Paddles??

    As @jjwmenti9ned, we had four levels of regen settings, available through the touchscreen. It sounds like they may have paired that down to three. I'm assuming that there is always some regen in play simply by lifting your foot off the accelerator, with now only two available increases to beef...
  3. DuckTruck

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    At the time we drove the pre-production models, they did have four modes, although I believe one was similar to ICE machines. That's to say the least intrusive mode slowed the vehicle in such a way so as to mimic your "normal" experience, leaving three other modes of greater regen. It may be...
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    The Battle of The Greens

    You're right! I can almost hear him now: "All work and no play, makes Max a dull boy, All work and no play, makes Max a dull boy...."
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    TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    Rookie! You really need to step up your game! I find that by lurking in the shadows, I've gotten many personal responses from each of these women and more, along with autographs and pics! Sure, the autographs are normally at the bottom of restraining orders and the pics are only of me, and...
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    The Battle of The Greens

    cwinters & @Lucanjo, Somehow your earlier question about the Launch Green and Ocean Coast combo slipped by me. I'm not the biggest fan of the light interior for many reasons, but if you're sold on it, I think it could look OK with Launch Green. That said, I really think that paint shade looks...
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    My Day With RJ Scaringe — A Lucky Encounter & R1T Impressions

    Again, another story that makes me feel great right down to my soul. I remembered our back and forth following your RJ/Brian-encounter in New York that sounded almost magical, and now this! Too bad Brian couldn't also be there with the three of you in Denver. He's a great guy as well and...
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    Thinking out loud...PNW Style...

    Ryan, I would love to get a group of any size together at the Oregon coast! That said, most people don't realize how restrictive driving on the Oregon coast is. I've attached an article that gives a good primer on it. Some places only allow you in the sand if you're hauling a boat down to the...
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    Motor Trend: Rivian R1T Conversation with RJ Scaringe

    Great interview! It's nice to watch and listen to Ed Loh visit with RJ. I've been a fan of Loh, and Motor Trend, for quite some time. It's just personal taste, but if I had to choose between Motor Trend and the other two magazines, Motor Trend would win the day. That said, I read all three...
  10. DuckTruck

    My Day With RJ Scaringe — A Lucky Encounter & R1T Impressions

    I was fortunate enough to have a similar experience two years ago (9/27/2019) at the Seattle roll-out event. As several of you have mentioned here, RJ was, and remains very unassuming and open to technical questions, as well as personal chit-chat. The event left me with similar impressions...
  11. DuckTruck

    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    If they're not running completely self-insured (and I hope they're not), they likely have a combination of a Commercial General Liability policy with an All-Owned Auto policy, to handle all of their vehicles and a host of company employees while behind the wheel. They're likely getting...
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    My Day With RJ Scaringe — A Lucky Encounter & R1T Impressions

    Anyone holding their breath until RJ gets high with Joe Rogan, hosts SNL, and flies into outer-space in chase of an orbiting Rivian might turn Rivian Blue before any of those things happen. Two pretty amazing guys, two pretty amazing journeys.... One strikes me as well-grounded, the other...
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    MIDNIGHT Rivian Club

    As I recall, only the Glacier White and Rivian Blue have no metallic flake. As much as I'm all in for Launch Green (don't make me repeat my mantra!), I'm looking forward to seeing the Midnight with Black Mountain in the R1T. Actually, I'm looking forward to the day many of us get together and...
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    My Day With RJ Scaringe — A Lucky Encounter & R1T Impressions

    Cohall, Your story brought tears to my eyes! I'm not the least bit surprised that RJ was as warm and accommodating as you and your Mom found him to be. I would love to have time with him like that. @ja_kub_sz told a great story some time ago about coming from Normal to New York City and...
  15. DuckTruck

    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    I'm a car guy, a people guy, and an insurance guy. As such, I hope no one was hurt and that the vehicles are all easily repaired. That said, I have to admit that the Rivian Guy in me is pleased to see that the R1T looks like it survived the encounter in fairly good shape. If there's a silver...
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    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

  17. DuckTruck

    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    Youch! That doesn't look pretty! I hope the casual appearance of the officer and everyone else standing there means that nobody was hurt. Now that I see the rest of the pics, it looks like only the R1T and two parked cars involved. Hopefully, both parked cars were empty Again, I hope all the...
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    RAN PNW map - Locations to look forward to?

    Scott, As you know, but few do, having Steens Mountain cast a shadow over the Alvord every day, makes for a pretty amazing playground. Here are two pics of Steens Mountain from the floor of the Alvord Desert, one from the summit of Steens looking down 5,000 feet at the Alvord (lots of smoke...
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    Normal Plant Satellite Images

    Not to name names, but are you referencing the individual that looks like the natural lighting is perfectly hitting the right side of his head? You know, the one in the middle, with the Ocean Coast sunglasses in his left hand? 😎
  20. DuckTruck

    Service schedule guesses?

    Thank God so many states have worked with their Auto Dealer Associations to ensure their residents have state-mandated dealership networks to help protect them from unscrupulous manufacturers. Do you remember that big story years ago about the dealership that reduced the "Interior Protection...