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  1. Home Charging Speed

    Assuming for a moment you drive from home -> office, spend the day there, then drive back from office -> home... The absolute obvious and best solution - by far - is to have a charger installed at the office for (up to) 48A charging during the day. Whether that involves talking to your boss...
  2. Age/Disposable Income Demographics

    Financing *any* new car over 7 years - much less an expensive BEV from a startup - is not a great idea. I urge absolutely nobody to do this.
  3. Math Questions Regarding Chargers and Solar

    If anything in my comment was taken to suggest I *don't* think people should get solar, I'm not sure what. I'm all-in on solar for absolutely anybody who can get it. Modern panels will all pay for themselves over their lifetime, whether you get just a few or enough to entirely offset your...
  4. Math Questions Regarding Chargers and Solar

    "Pay for solar to completely eliminate all electric and car propulsion costs" is one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is "EVs are cheaper to power than ICE cars, even if you don't have solar on your roof." Solar is just gravy.
  5. Math Questions Regarding Chargers and Solar

    Depends on how much you drive. That's 21,000mi in the R1T by itself, or 32,000mi in the Mini by itself. Or something like 10,500mi in the R1T and 16,000 in the Mini. Yes, and it's actually straight forward. R1T rated to use 480 Wh/mi. Multiply 480 x (number of expected annual miles) Mini...
  6. Front License Plates

    Focusing solely on the US: While more than half life in states with a front plate requirement, many of those in those states note that enforcement is extremely uneven. E.g. I've lived in California my whole life, have driven cars without a front plate for 15+ years all over the state, and it's...
  7. 🔍 Rivian App Deep Dive Preview: A Breakdown of Future Services

    Not disagreeing with their solution or anything else you said. But... As long as such systems continue to exist - whether or not they've outlived their usefulness - the abuse will also continue to exist.
  8. 🔍 Rivian App Deep Dive Preview: A Breakdown of Future Services

    The way systems in our life are setup, there's a lot of incentives out there for perverse behavior. E.g. My work has free charging. But when you're done charging, you're expected to move your car immediately to free up the charger for another car. This is enforced at some buildings with...
  9. R1S vs Model X

    You measured, so I can't argue with you about whether or not a Model X would work for you in your garage. My Model X is parked in my garage 95% of the time, and the doors open just fine, and the kids get in just fine. Again, I cannot speak to the parking garages you frequent where you live...
  10. R1S vs Model X

    Model X owner here. Also tall, and also parent of two small children. Besides "range for an EV" and safety, the falcon wing doors were easily #3 on the list of reasons we liked the Model X. Getting kids in and out of carseats with normal swing out doors? PITA. Minivan? improved, but still...
  11. Another R1T spotted on a truck

    Yah, this sticker is pretty much the same thing as the "Lithion Ion Battery Inside!" sticker you see on an Amazon box with electronics inside. Required during transport to denote the hazard. Assuming this was near Normal, this very well could actually be a delivery. Supporting evidence: -...
  12. FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    I'm not a classic watch guy. Never will be. Would drive me crazy. That's one hell of a sexy watch.
  13. Max charging speed

    There's a few things that will prematurely degrade EV batteries 1 - Leaving them too close to 100% SoC for too long 2 - Charging them too quickly for their current SoC 3 - Letting them get too close to 0% SoC The problem isn't so much a memory effect like you might be remembering from lead acid...
  14. Max charging speed

    Model X 100D owner here. When we do Supercharger stops on road trips, we're almost always at a cafe or restaurant, or the type of store where we can spent unlimited time. Somewhere to really stretch our legs and relax. So we also usually take it up to 100% We can pull up to a Supercharger with...
  15. How do you charge a Rivian R1T or R1S EV? Soon, easily- MT

    Yup. My Model X only charged at 120kw when new, but now charges at 160kw. Software update enabled the faster charging (and presumably included the safe charging curve and required battery temps, etc) after data on my generation battery was gathered from the field and it was deemed safe. Note...
  16. Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    Last I heard the guidance on LE R1Ts was still "delivered by end of 2021" - Did they change this officially and I missed it? Maybe you're talking about R1S even though you direct replied to an R1T order holder?
  17. Truckload of R1T spotted heading to Colorado

    If I see even a single R1T strapped to a carrier, I will take stills, video, and come proclaim it from the rooftop.
  18. Truckload of R1T spotted heading to Colorado

    I used to do this with excitement. Years ago. But living close to Fremont, 99% of delivery rigs I see are loaded down with boring old Teslas. I'll go hang out near South San Francisco once Rivians are delivering in numbers just to watch them coming off the truck at the service center.
  19. Rivian receives all regulatory approvals and can now be sold & delivered in all 50 states: ITS HAPPENING!

    Tongue-in-cheekness acknowledged... But CARB certifies the emissions class of any mass manufactured vehicle for sale in California. In other words, it's aint a BEV unless CARB has looked at it and agreed it was a BEV. There's some wiggle room out there that you want an authority to weigh in...
  20. Part 2: We Drive the 2022 Rivian R1T Off-Road Across the Trans-America Trail - by MotorTrend

    Summing it all up, "The largest pain points were the occasionally unreliable Electrify America fast chargers." *sigh*