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  1. thrill

    Off-roading Newb Question

    Fifty shades of gravel?
  2. thrill

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    I think it's just a simple safety issue. I was adjusting my seat one day while driving and the switch stuck on, moving all the way back to where I could only reach the wheel with my fingertips. Of course when I tried to lean forward quickly the seatbelt locked. Grrr.
  3. thrill

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    That's just 4300 meters,
  4. thrill

    Official: Shocker: 2022 Rivian R1T Proves Electricity Is Better Than Gasoline for Off-Roading & Overlanding

    When you get the torque to the ground it's on the order of 10,000 lb-ft.
  5. thrill

    Driver+ pictured on Instagram

    There's a photo of that:
  6. thrill

    TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    100x THIS. TFL, and many other amateur operations, frequently shows their amateurishness. They don't bother to research their subject before espousing their "expertise", making up numbers to keep their chitter chatter flowing, seeming to think they are all late night radio jocks that have to...
  7. thrill

    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    Long ago I was teaching someone to drive. We were on a fairly empty two-lane road in Southern California. A pickup came toward us and drifted into our lane. My student yanked the wheel to the right, floored the gas as we ran off the road, overcorrected to the left, ran across the road...
  8. thrill

    Post from COO of Snow Peak (Rivian Camp Kitchen)

    I'd asked customer service previously a similar question and the stove and sink take up the entire length.
  9. thrill

    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    One of the comments on that video ... "He thought he was driving the Porsche Taycoff"
  10. thrill

    Service schedule guesses?

    Anything other than the (big) battery could be handled by my tire supplier and general mechanic. He, and I'm sure many others, are leaning forward to be prepared for EVs. Last time I had the beemer in for a several thousand dollar oil cooler replacement we were chatting about the requirements...
  11. thrill

    🔍 Rivian App Deep Dive Preview: A Breakdown of Future Services

    I'd have thought the same, until a small infection caused my ring finger to swell terribly one night resulting in a painful ER visit.
  12. thrill

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    I think there's a market there for a Rivian designed RV. Imagine all the cool toys they could build into a larger quad-motor frame.
  13. thrill

    Rear Seat - cargo space/flat floor in the future?

    Carbon-silicon batteries have shown a capacity four times as much as lithium-ion, and has been under research for about five years, but seems to always remain about five years away. 1000 mile range would be rather nice, but that tech remains a reach. I have to think being able to fold the rear...
  14. thrill

    R1S vs Model X

    This guy has a very favorable opinion of the R1S vs the Model X, but the thing that really got to me was his dead perfect impression of my neighbor fan boi.
  15. thrill

    Now that it's out... R1T bed extender?

    Look at that brain surgeon driving that thing.
  16. thrill

    Rivian App launched on Apple App Store & Google Play store!

    App says "you aren't setup with any Rivian vehicles" ... that issue is on them. Bug report filed.
  17. thrill

    Official: RIVIAN MEMBERSHIP Announced [1 year free trial beginning at day of delivery]

    You need to work on your sales technique. "Honey, the Rivian needs charging ... do you mind going and spending an hour at Target? We'll go to the one by Hooters, as I need to go check the beer temperature for my podcast channel."
  18. thrill

    Official: RIVIAN MEMBERSHIP Announced [1 year free trial beginning at day of delivery]

    As my R1T is probably going to be a low annual mileage retirement vehicle I'm hoping the membership could be billed by the mile.