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  1. Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    based on the pictures on how well R1T handled, seems 5 star crash rating. On side note, driver goes into Rivian history books;)
  2. What Else Are You Considering?

    I tried placing order for Lriq but couldn’t go past dealer selection (tried from 2 different machines) and gave up afterwards. The whole ordering process was joke, felt it was marketing ploy to create message sold out in X minutes. Complete waste of time and don’t think I will ever consider GM...
  3. Rivian receives all regulatory approvals and can now be sold & delivered in all 50 states: ITS HAPPENING!

    Great day, finally it’s happening!! Hopefully we hear s00n about crash test ratings.
  4. 🚨 R1T Red Alert: First Retail "Sellable R1T" - First Look Video!

    Now we have proof deliveries in September, amazing!!!
  5. Is anyone else concerned due to lack of Guide Contact?!?!

    Delivering to customers sooner only can justify their sky high 80B valuation.:cool: Most employees who joined in the past couple of years would prefer crazy returns on their stock options instead of a Rivian Truck/SUV. Hoping they deliver vehicles to all LE holders first.
  6. Is anyone else concerned due to lack of Guide Contact?!?!

    Same feeling... Seriously doubt I will have my LE-R1S in 2021. Unfortunately entire auto industry is having issues with supply chain so its hard to blame Rivian. Only thing we can ask is better communication and transparency.
  7. Rivian reservation holder welcome package.

    I'm in, just donated.
  8. Support Article Updates: Digital Purchasing, Alexa Info, and more

    Plaid don’t store or get to see your banking password, once you connect they will get a token from the bank to access your account that’s valid until next password change. setting up account at plaid and modifying what you share etc is just a spin to convince you. I have used Plaid service at...
  9. Support Article Updates: Digital Purchasing, Alexa Info, and more

    Just to clarify what I meant: Depending on Plaid service what Rivian (Company X) pays once you connect the account thru plaid, every time when a new transaction is posted to your checking/savings account Plaid will notify Company X about the transaction via webhooks. Most companies use Plaid...
  10. Support Article Updates: Digital Purchasing, Alexa Info, and more

    Agreed, Connecting your bank account thru Plaid is one of the worst things as a consumer we can do to our financial privacy. once connected thru Plaid, companies can regularly get all the transactions, so they can determine how and where we spend money, how we get the money thru the deposits...
  11. First Mile Event National Tour (live Rivian experience) announced!

    Same here, I live in bay area (Fremont). Will be super disappointed if I don't get an invite.
  12. What would you do? Get LE version (300+) or wait for MaxPack (400+)?

    90% of my trips are within 100 miles back and forth, considering the fact Tesla is about open up their charging network, upcoming RAN and other charging infrastructure for my needs 300mi is good enough. I don't want to pay extra $10K, carry extra load (battery weight) and pay penalty on...
  13. What Else Are You Considering?

    Thanks for pointing it out, I completely missed the tax credit part in my price calculations.
  14. Rivian Files For IPO Valued at $80 Billion!

    That's great news! Seems overpriced, regardless Rivian has lot of potential.
  15. What Else Are You Considering?

    After seeing the price of Lyriq, I cancelled my Ioniq5/EV6. I will be placing deposit for Lyriq, based on the videos so far seems its a winner. Hope for 100Kwh battery the range is closer to 350 not 300 miles.
  16. What would you do if price increased?

    Tesla doesn't raise price for people who already placed the order/deposit. I wouldn't be surprised if Rivian raised the prices, but it should be only for new orders not for people who already placed the deposit.
  17. RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    With 7000 employees, they must be burning cash like hell. Sooner or later Rivian will face the reality if they don't start delivering. Hopefully market is stable enough until their IPO plans and they can raise enough cash to survive for few years. Glad RJ acknowledged about communication issue...
  18. Kia EV 6 reservation page is live

    1500 first edition EV6, reservation is still open. I have placed a deposit for Ioniq5 already still thinking about EV6.
  19. BMW IX Drive 50

    I was thinking about pre-ordering IX 50 not knowing when my LE-R1S will be delivered (whether its 2021 or 2022 or 2023). The 82+K price point put me off due to upcoming EV incentives plan.
  20. What will we learn 5/31 - 6/6

    Agree, we wont learn about range and interior this week. If Ford and Hyundai can share range details why not Rivian which is much closer to production. My gut tells me something is not looking good with range/EPA certification hence the delays. If the range is below 300 and with no 800V/350Kw...