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  1. R1Tims

    Carwash Feature issues

    Don't use the brake. Take your foot off of the accelerator. Vehicle will slow / stop. Then place vehicle in neutral.
  2. R1Tims

    Napa - Sonoma California today: Rivians are everywhere!

    We see them all the time in Central Il. Not uncommon to see two setting at the same stop light. R1T and R1S's. It more fun to see them in places like Cleveland, or Florida. etc...
  3. R1Tims

    First RAN charge!

    The RAN charger is great there in Benton harbor. Stopped there a few times. Its the Dunkin that's the worst. Sign on the bathroom, you have to buy something first before they will give you the key. Maybe now its changed. (?)
  4. R1Tims

    Am I crazy to buy a sub 1,000 VIN? Launch Edition R1T 12k miles

    Mine is R1T XXX1XX and we could not be happier with it. 31K miles. Great quality. All the original features, and Tonneau cover still works and has always worked. Are you crazy? That's your call! Some would say yes If you DID NOT get it. Others would say yes if you DID get it. Really it's the...
  5. R1Tims

    Rivian navigation on long trips

    I agree with your Nav assessment. Found the best way to utilize the R1 Nav is use it to go from Charger to charger. I use it to know what my remaining charge will be and can watch what the SOC is as I drive to figure the fudge factor on remaining. Plan the long trip on your phone.
  6. R1Tims

    Would you be comfortable with an 8800 vin R1S?

    I have an X180 vin. LOVE IT! No complaints. 33K miles to date. Have an R1S on order. If another LE was offered I would take it without a second thought.
  7. R1Tims

    Rivian Quality - Two Genuine Questions

    Had My R1T, from 10/21, 35k miles. Love it! no major issues. Some fit and finish gaps corrected early and OTA updates that fixed some software issues. Really enjoy driving it and trips we have had in it.
  8. R1Tims

    Steering Wheel Replaced for Steering Wheel Vibration Issue

    I am an Engineer. This is not the solution it's a bandaid to cover up the issue. If ALL vehicles had a vibration then yes a heavy wheel(?) would be the assumption of a design change to correct the issue. However, Not all have the issue. SO.... They are making a change to mitigate the effect of...
  9. R1Tims

    Electrify America claims their CCS chargers are incompatible with Rivian

    We have an R1T and never received and "incompatible" notice. R1T and R1S are the same. Not sure why there would be showing a difference. How ever we have had flaky service with EA but thats their issue with the chargers. With RAN and now Tesla opening up their supercharger, IMO, EA is going to...
  10. R1Tims

    Good floor mat option

    We put theses (3d Kagu All weather) in both our R1T and Mach E GT. They are great. Cover the whole compartment areas. Thicker than weather tec and stay in place. https://3dmatsusa.com/collections/custom-fit-car-floor-liners/products/kagu-floor-liner?model=MjAyMkBSSVZJQU5AUjFU
  11. R1Tims

    Camp speaker drawer replacement by TWRAPS (preview)

    What happens with the camp speaker? If you want to charge it you need to remove the drawer. I agree the R1's could use better storage usage, but I would not want to toss out the camp speaker to get it.
  12. R1Tims

    Tow Hook Covers - In Stock!

    What about different colors for the tow hooks.
  13. R1Tims

    El Cap Granite R1S Full Stealth Wrap PPF

    Why not make them out of a smoked clear plastic, so when the lights are on they will illuminate but will still be stealth during the day. Would not be a DOT issue then.
  14. R1Tims

    ICE'd - Not in a Rivian.

    The Picture is little misleading. The incline from the parking surface makes it look like its way up there. But I hear ya. Just wanted to be sure not to bottom out and wanted to make a statement on the Rivian. FYI the driver door is right at the transition point so It was a big drop when I got...
  15. R1Tims

    ICE'd - Not in a Rivian.

    2 hotels back to back, with designated parking for trailers. Saw driver in the morning and thanked him for blocking the chargers. Smiled and flipped me off. Needed a place to park or didn't care you decide.
  16. R1Tims

    ICE'd - Not in a Rivian.

    Spot I am in is Tesla, not working. next to me also Tesla, FYI cable from other side was not long enough to reach. Next time you are in need of a charge and find out you can not get to the charger. please post so. I'd like to know what your solution might be.
  17. R1Tims

    ICE'd - Not in a Rivian.

    What is the type of truck that is pulling the trailer. an ICE vehicle not EV. Yes I did wind up the Tesla cables after this. I had just moved my truck out of the spot when the driver of the trailer came out in the morning. I called him out on this parking and blocking the EV chargers. He smiled...