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  1. Rivian out West: R1T off the beaten path 📸

    Beautiful composition and agree with ppl that these can easily be used for legitimate Rivian marketing. Do you mind sharing what trail this is? I'm in Vegas for the holidays and would love to check it out!
  2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Start NOW - Save up to 15% @ EveryAmp.com

    Will you be adding any promo codes to your Amazon page?
  3. SF Bay Area to Santa Barbara Trip

    I've done multiple trips from Ventura County to San Jose and the chargers below have always treated me well. Use PlugShare the night before or day of to check the status of the chargers at each site. If there's stalls that are broken then you'll know to adjust your route and charge at the next...
  4. KO3 tires installed on Rivian R1T!

    Thanks. I should have my K03s back by end of the week. I originally had them at 49 psi as recommended by Thuren, but I'll try to make time to do some tests as well.
  5. KO3 tires installed on Rivian R1T!

    How did you determine the 65psi cold? Was that a recommendation or did you do one of those tests?
  6. KO3 tires installed on Rivian R1T!

    Same here. K03s on Thuren 20 wheels in bronze. First impressions coming from the OEM 21s is there is a droning sound to them and not as quiet. Radio on with the volume at 12 muffles the droning sound completely. I only got to drive it for 2 days then it went straight to a powdercoater to redo...
  7. SoCal Rivian Club

    You're talking about AGC Collision in North Hollywood on Vineland Ave. I literally just picked up my truck from them yesterday. I worked with Tony to replace my tailgate because someone reversed into me. I gotta say they do great work there and respond to emails quickly. They work on Rivians a...
  8. KO3 tires installed on Rivian R1T!

    Idk if it's too soon to ask since only a weekend has past since someone asked, but do you have an update on road noise, ride quality, and highway avg range on them? I just went on the Tire Rack website and they had 3 available at 275/65/R20. I placed an order for 4 and it went through. Idk if it...
  9. Delivered yesterday - Forest Green R1T. Already installed 20" bronze wheels

    @wpnelson Thanks for answering all my questions. That 15% reduction sounds just about what most have said as well when changing from OEM 21s to any combination of 20" wheels and tires. it sealed the deal for me and I'll be ordering them soon.
  10. Delivered yesterday - Forest Green R1T. Already installed 20" bronze wheels

    I'm glad I found this thread! I was interested in getting these wheels and either same tires or Wildpeaks, but wanted to see them on a FG R1T first. How's the ride quality (i.e. noise, rubbing @ different ride heights, avg range reduction) so far compared to the 21s?
  11. California R1T turned out to be a lemon - getting rid of the gear I bought

    Interested in your ironman gear when it's available. I'll keep an eye out for an update from you on this post.
  12. Cup Holder lower console organizer, FIT 32Oz Hydroflask/Yeti Tumbler, something you should know

    Thanks for the update. I'll go ahead and order on Amazon and wait for the delivery since it should ship out pretty quickly once processed.
  13. Cup Holder lower console organizer, FIT 32Oz Hydroflask/Yeti Tumbler, something you should know

    I noticed on your personal website the cup holder is not available for order, but on your Amazon page it's available with a 9/30 delivery. Can you tell me the real estimate of delivery if purchased through Amazon? Or should I just wait till you have it in stock on your main website?
  14. My tramp stamp temporary fix for my powered tonneau

    Technically yes you can do this, but I'd prefer that to be the last option.
  15. My tramp stamp temporary fix for my powered tonneau

    Oh man that sounds a lot more complicated than I originally thought.
  16. My tramp stamp temporary fix for my powered tonneau

    Were you able to see how they took off the rail end caps? I need to take them off and I set up a mobile service for it, but it's a ways out and I need them off by end of this week.
  17. Door Handle Creaking when squeezing it to close or open the door

    I complained about the same issue in my driver side when I was at the SC and they had someone tighten the screws or connectors on the back side. It helped for the most part, but they said if it comes back there's nothing they can do because it's considered normal wear and tear. It's definitely...
  18. 【New Products OTW】We are BestEvMod(AOSK)! We made accessories, More Products OTW...

    I check this thread every morning waiting for the update that it's available. Glad the wait is over. Ordered and this time Amazon says "19 in stock" lol. Maybe product is coming in as we speak and inventory is being updated live.
  19. FOB Proximity Performance

    I'm loving the fob proximity lock/unlock! My truck unlocks when I'm within 5' from my door and locks at around 30'. And as @Frisbie stated, it's reassuring to hear the chirp as you walk away.
  20. 【BestEvMod】Rivian R1T & R1S Frunk Mat. And GIVEAWAY result!

    Awesome thanks for the update! Only hard part now is waiting patiently.