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  1. Debaser949

    HVAC heat blows cold air even when hot air is needed

    There is actually only 2 settings.. "heating, cooling and conditioning on" and "heating, cooling and conditioning off (ambient air)". The AC/Heat are grouped together. Unfortunately you can't specifically select heat or cool its just conditioned to whatever Rivian assumes you need. Most people...
  2. Debaser949

    Please re-design or improve the Climate Control / AC Navigation Controls

    Its just blowing non- treated air from outside so adjusting the temp does nothing
  3. Debaser949

    PAAK more responsive after 2023.42.1 software update

    can't wait to update if this is the case.. For the past 2 months, every other time I walk up to my R1S, I stand there and eventually have to pull out the phone to manually unlock. So frustrating, especially since it worked flawlessly for months before
  4. Debaser949

    Lucid Gravity

  5. Debaser949

    ios shortcuts and the Rivian app?

    I updated but can't seem to add a shortcut/widget. How did you do that? Curious about the car wash mode stuff
  6. Debaser949

    Halloween Sounds are Off-Brand

    Jeez you guys are mean on here. The OP gave an opinion. Whats the big deal? This is a "forum" right? Surprised on all the hate thrown back on him for an opinion.
  7. Debaser949

    R1Shop to delivery (Seattle area)

    was 4 weeks for me. No status updates/emails until it showed up in Seattle and they were ready to schedule delivery
  8. Debaser949

    Dogs and Rivians 🐾

    Our Bernedoodle loves to hang out here while we are outside
  9. Debaser949

    R1 Feature Request & Tracking Thread

    The ability to review gear guard events on the phone app Notification on phone/app when vehicle charging is complete
  10. Debaser949

    Software Update 2023.38 Release Notes 🛜

    I know this is way off subject, but I too bought a '20 explorer ST that I hated and immediately traded back in. Anyway, excited for 🎃 mode!
  11. Debaser949

    Any one else totally dissatisfied with the locking / unlocking experience?

    My PAAK worked perfectly until the last update. 75% of the time Im just standing there waiting for it to unlock. At home when it's unlocked, if I get in to drive off, its taking at least 5-10 seconds to recognize that Im sitting there with my foot on the brake before letting me shift.
  12. Debaser949

    Favorite vehicle you've ever owned

    This one for sure. My 96 Cherokee with a 5 speed stick I had in college is a close second!
  13. Debaser949

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    I wish we could see Gear Guard incidents on the app. I'm sure that has been brought up before. Remembering my audio source. I listen to my phone's downloaded music via bluetooth, if I leave the Rivian and come back, 75% of the time I have to manually start it on my phone again. Dedicated...
  14. Debaser949

    Phone key issues 2023.30

    Never had an issue with PAAK and it has always worked flawlessly. Ever since this update, 50% of the time, Ive walked up to the door and stood there like an idiot waiting for the door to unlock until I open my phone and then it responds.
  15. Debaser949

    Update 2023.34.0 -- Improved Handling & Ride Comfort, Phone Call Steering Wheel Functions, Set Speed for ACC / HWA, 25% Better Sleep Range Loss

    Updated last night. I noticed those 2 things (circled below) on the app. I don't remember that there before, just the moon. Is that new?
  16. Debaser949

    What Was Your Previous Daily Driver Before Rivian?

    2021 Audi Q7. Loved it and never had a problem with it. Felt like a tank.
  17. Debaser949

    Seattle eastside: any alignment shops familiar with Rivians?

    Curious as well to see if anyone has gone to a 3rd party alignment shop in the Seattle area. I drive in standard ride height 99% of the time and have had terrible alignment from day 1 (pulls to the right). Earliest they could get me into Bellevue was November and I'm worried about ruining my...