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  1. SlaterGS

    Part 2: We Drive the 2022 Rivian R1T Off-Road Across the Trans-America Trail - by MotorTrend

    Any idea why they wouldn't have run an R1S on this trip? I know it is coming after the R1T, but considering they were running pre-production trucks, I don't see why they couldn't have also run a pre-production R1S. Just feels like a missed opportunity, but still excited to see the content!
  2. SlaterGS

    2022 Rivian R1T Gear tunnel hands-on review:

    I'm a little underwhelmed by MT's contend for this review. NOT underwhelmed with the gear tunnel itself. It just seems they could have gone into more details, but alas just another quick "review" to get more clicks to their site. Thank you @Dark-Fx for getting better information than the MT...
  3. SlaterGS

    Rivian's Tank Turn feature is delayed

    My initial thought to your 5% was to laugh, but I don't think it's too far off if we are strictly thinking those using them for the purpose of "off-road" The high majority of owners will likely be using these for their daily commute, getting groceries, taking kids to school, going to the...
  4. SlaterGS

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Haha you're not wrong, I do love Gumby! Edit: It's funny because I made that mockup on my sisters old laptop that has a reaaaaly crappy screen and the color did not look like that on her screen. Figured I'd keep it anyways lol
  5. SlaterGS

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Why must all of their colors look sooo good?!?!? I am torn constantly between FG, Blue, and El Cap. Thinking about this further I just realized I have no say in this. *looks over at wife*
  6. SlaterGS

    Just placed my pre-order for an RS1 Explore

    Honestly even if the price alone was for the ventilated seats I would go for it personally. After having them on our Navigator I have no desire to go back to a vehicle that doesn't have that feature.
  7. SlaterGS

    21" wheel aero inserts are designed to be removable - confirmed by Rivian Customer Service!

    Reading is hard, mb. No, personally I do not look at them a lot for aesthetic purposes BUT that is because they look good. If they looked cheap or "not right" for the vehicle, then I would probably look at them more often with a sad face.
  8. SlaterGS

    🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    If it is EPA results, can you explain how Tesla could inflate those number? TIA Maybe they are altering their software/battery available for the tests?
  9. SlaterGS

    🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    If only there was ANY word on actual timing for a max pack on the R1S 😕
  10. SlaterGS

    🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    Same! That drastic of a dip to the 20's definitely has me rethinking things. Not sure why they hyped them up so much at their one event if they knew they would be this low? Hoping to see some user reviews with real world numbers before having to make the final decision.
  11. SlaterGS

    The Second Row Display (what is it for?)

    6.8" screen just for climate control in the back row of a mid-size truck? Seems a bit excessive to me, maybe they could use it for other things with an OTA update in the future?
  12. SlaterGS

    Motor Trend Review: The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

    Didn't watch the video but on this page: " The back seat was hit or miss, though. Shorter occupants found the seats comfortable, but taller passengers found them to be a bit soft in the lumbar area, forcing...
  13. SlaterGS

    First Mile Event National Tour (live Rivian experience) announced!

    True, though someone who pre-ordered last week may get to go to an event because they live close while someone who ordered a few years ago may be waiting awhile. I definitely get the manage event size aspect, but it doesn't feel like "fair access" to early pre-order holders. Then again, nothing...
  14. SlaterGS

    First Mile Event National Tour (live Rivian experience) announced!

    Makes sense for those flying, but I'll be driving the 7hrs and am happy to leave at a moments notice :D
  15. SlaterGS

    First Mile Event National Tour (live Rivian experience) announced!

    Same. Not sure why proximity matters when so many of us are ready to drive a pretty good distance to get a chance to drive one.
  16. SlaterGS

    Off-Road Upgrade or Not?

    Yea I'm interested in this. Considering how good the under-body protection is claimed to be without getting the off-road upgrade, I really just want the tow hooks.