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  1. R1S vs Model X

    Whenever I think Model X I think of this
  2. Rivian waypoint chargers spotted!! Located at Under Canvas (Moab)

    So with these you just plug in or do you still have to pay? Trying to see if the box has a card reader
  3. 2022 Rivian R1T Gear tunnel hands-on review:

    One thing I have been trying to find. Do the frunk and gear tunnel lock with the other doors? I would assume so, but I had a coworker ask and I wanted to double check
  4. Quantumscape has a timeline to solid state.

    Elon-speak is typically off
  5. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    LOL at the shill from Twitter with the Tesla comment
  6. R1T demonstrates water fording in 40+ inches of water!

    Wow, drove through water and the bumper stays on. :like:
  7. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Some questions answered by my Rivian Guide today

    Second the 800v question. I would also ask about the V2H to see if the guides give a different answer. I know its a "down the road" thing, but that would just put it over the top for me vs. the Ford
  8. Reviews coming in for Lucid

    Really excited for the SUV. With the 900V system and those super powerful, compact motors should be great
  9. JRE Electric Hummer Conversion Build

    Been watching these as well. I made the mistake of watching late at night rocking the baby and I keep falling asleep with his voice, so then I have to rewatch everything later
  10. Rivian Driver+ vs Ford BlueCruise vs Tesla AutoPilot: What are expectations at launch for Driver+

    Yes and yes. Just gimme an easy to use version of those 3 things, I feel like most companies give that to you nowadays. I really hope they don't get tempted into going down the FSD rabbit hole and milking customers for years
  11. New video "Let's Just Drive" & official letter from RJ provides huge update!

    Wow, fantastic QA. Best video for info in months. Higher nickel, next gen Samsung cells was great to hear. I still am not sold on the insurance offerings from these companies. The idea of buying a fun, fast car and having it affect your premiums kinda sucks. Really hope they can give...
  12. Talk me off the ledge: Considering Toyota RAV4 Prime

    If you can get one for minimal markup and you need something now its a fantastic vehicle. Can always sell off later if you want, I can almost guarantee this will retain very high amount of value. If you don't plan on using the ICE part, why not consider something like an ID4 to get by?
  13. My footage from touring the Normal Rivian plant (raw footage)

    I was thinking the same thing. Looked like a very slow moving process to hand load 2-3 racks at a time
  14. Pre-heating and Pre-cooling????

    I thought I had read somewhere that you could eventually use Alexa from your house to connect to the car for climate controls as well. Hopefully that will be a thing sooner vs later
  15. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    He's now officially an Instagram influencer :like:
  16. Rivian Performance Action (Fan-Super-Cut)

    So crazy, saw a 4S on Saturday. Still the nicest EV available
  17. Official Video: How Does it Feel to Drive a Rivian (Featuring Preorder Holders)

    Need to get @LoneStar in here for some stupid memes with this one
  18. Official Video: How Does it Feel to Drive a Rivian (Featuring Preorder Holders)

    That's about all I got out of this video. From what I could see the graphics looked great, kinda like the F150 animations when you switch drive modes. Driver screen looks nice and bright which is nice
  19. Tesla to open Supercharger network to other EVs

    But using an adapter wouldn't work for higher power, correct? Since it wouldn't be liquid cooled
  20. Tesla to open Supercharger network to other EVs

    Amen to that! I think the funds will be a grab bag, but hopefully they force Tesla to retrofit CCS cables so they are liquid cooled for higher speeds