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  1. Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    $500 deductible Comp. & Collision. Rates are probably due to rural Midwest location.
  2. Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    That is what I have heard on these forums.
  3. Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    Nationwide quote for LE R1T = $78/mo. Basically the same as my eTron.
  4. Charging routines

    I charge at home as needed to 80%, probably 2X per week. For long trips I charge to 100% the night before, then map out a level 3 charger stop if needed.
  5. Next auto show?

    I asked CS about the Chicago Auto show in July and got this: Thanks for reaching out and for being part of our Launch Edition community! While we have not shared if we will be at the Chicago Auto Show, we are beyond excited to share that we will be kicking off our demonstration drive tour this...
  6. Buying Rivian this year

    I suggested to Rivian that they set up a “match” service for those that wanted to move up/down in the preorder list. Life changes, COVID related issues, options only available in later editions are all legitimate reasons for wanting to change. Also, to deter scalpers a significant fee could be...