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  1. California Sold: Ruff Rax bed rack

    Overland Ruff Rax bed rack used for about 6 months. Comes with 4 each black agency grab handles and 2 each 11" awning mounts. Local sale around Norcal only due to size and weight. $3300 $3000 obo
  2. $11 Field kit bag alternative

    Like the field kit bag but don't want to pay $150? Make your own kit with this exact size bag!
  3. Noise in dash when AC is on

    Anybody have the tick tock sound coming from the dash when AC is on? Ticket submitted, will report back if it hasn’t been discussed elsewhere.
  4. Range Industries low and mid racks for Rivian R1T

    A couple offerings from these guys. Range Industries Glad to see options but still waiting for something that is height adjustable. I want to be able to raise them to use in conjunction with the oem racks on the roof.
  5. Team 1EV Rivian specific forged Aero Wheels

    Who's going to be the first? https://evsportline.com/collections/shop-rivian-r1t-r1s-upgrades-and-accessories/products/r51a-20-rivian-r1s-r1t-machine-forged-wheel-set-of-4