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  1. Georgia FS: 22" Bright Wheel + Tire (Never used)

    It's been there, and never pulled out..
  2. Georgia FS: 22" Bright Wheel + Tire (Never used)

    Local sales only. $1200 OBO
  3. Study on EV battery lifespan yields 'shocking' (positive) results

    Will have to see.. Buddy of mine drives Tesla S and he had a faulty battery right before the warranty expiry. He got quoted for 40k if it wasn't covered... I am hoping that the battery costs go like as you mentioned, but if the EVs are projected to go high, I am not so sure if it'll acutally go...
  4. Study on EV battery lifespan yields 'shocking' (positive) results

    Sadly, I think that's the actual cost includign the labor.. idk where they got this $5-20k from, but that's far from the reality.
  5. Free Rivian R1T Custom Graphic Decals

    Do you have one on El Cap Granite? I'd like to see it how it looks.
  6. Georgia Selling New R1S - Atlanta

    I bought used R1T for 105k + tax.. :-( that was like an year ago when things were hot... I regret it.. I am guessing someone made a pretty decent money from the transaction... and I can't fault him/her as I was eager to get my hands on brand new R1T and I didn't want to wait 2+ years. Had I...
  7. Has anyone switched from R1S <—> R1T

    I live in Georgia, and there are only few challenging off-roading here (that I know of). So, the community I joined, they travel 2+ hours from Georgia to other states for offroading. The problem is, I need to drive up there separately, go find the charging station that is not close to the actual...
  8. Has anyone switched from R1S <—> R1T

    I got R1T and debated to convert to R1S. I never did any adventure let alone off-roading in the past. But Rivian got me started.. Now, I joined the local offroading community, and sadly none of them drives the EVs.. :-( If I go with them as a group, I have to ask them to sit around for 40+...
  9. Rivian R2 design renderings

    I like the rendering, but really, I'd like Wrangler capable adventure vehicle more than anything. R1T is too bulky and heavy to be a wrangler replacement. I am hoping the smaller R2 does the trick.
  10. Selling a used R1T

    I've seen 70k+ on most FS of R1T.
  11. R1T trade in advice

    If you bought at pre-increase price, I think that's fair.. I bought used at a premium at 105k.. so that'd be a crazy loss on my end.. But at pre-increase price, more than fair. Just my opinion.
  12. Tesla Charging cannot be the standard NA adopts to.

    I personally dislike Elon as a person, but Idon't see the problem adopting the NACS if it speed up the adoption rate.
  13. Do you think EVs are eventually going to hurt exotic car brands?

    Depends on when.. But surely, they will also switch to EVs.. I doubt they will remain ICE for a long time... There are few enabling technologies that they may need to wait out such as solid state battery with high much density, and etc.. But ICE technolog is matured at its best, but EVs are...
  14. Is the Model X now a better buy over R1S? (WARNING: NO ELON MUSK DISCUSSIONS)

    I am sure a lot of people will be asking similar questions. Not all R1S reservation holders wil suddenly cancel and go get X, but some will, for sure.. Good or bad, it'll have an impact on Rivian and any other EV SUV competitors.. Fantastic for customers, sucks as Rivian stock holder.
  15. Georgia WTT 22" Bright for 20 AT (Non bright/dark)

    I am in alpharetta, and has 4 sets of tire + 1 spare (never used). Looking for 20" AT wheel/tire combo of similar usage. My tire has around 15k.
  16. I just read where RJ was critiquing people who purchase gasoline vehicles.

    My HOA doesn't allow solar roof panel.. :-( I am paying over $400 per month on electrical bill. I'd like to offset or pay $0 as the bill goes up every year. But my darn HOA doesn't allow to install solar panel on the roof or on the ground.. My only option is to move...
  17. I just read where RJ was critiquing people who purchase gasoline vehicles.

    I guess they are all entitled to their own opinion.. I switched to full EVs over the years, and I don't understand why people stll buy ICE with the current climate impacting all over the globe. But then, I can't change anyone's perspective, let alone my own.
  18. Should I bail out or stick?

    You are not gonna get 270m during Winter for sure.