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  1. Thermal images of my Rivian home charger

    I was going to check my charger installation for this exact reason. I didn’t have the ability to torque the lugs to spec when I installed. Guess I’ll open it up and make sure they are still tight.
  2. Should you tip your PPF installer?

    I just got PPF on my truck, and was presented with an option to tip the usual 15-25% when I paid. Ummm nope.
  3. Launch Editions in R1 shop?

    That's true! I guess it depends how you look at it :)
  4. Launch Editions in R1 shop?

    My guide indicated that there is still a possibility of getting a 2022 from the shop, but who knows. If it does happen, you can always unmatch from the VIN.
  5. Launch Editions in R1 shop?

    My thoughts exactly. A late build LE with the exclusive color (now only available in the shop) is a bit more unique. Plus, with the pre-March '22 pricing the LE's are too good of a deal to pass up. I picked one up from the shop a few weeks ago. A warning though - check your VIN to make sure you...
  6. R1T Tailgate Pad arrives in the Gear Shop

    This is exactly why I don't use tailgate pads. Imagine all the dust from a dirt road getting between the pad the paint. I'd PPF the entire tailgate before using one of these.
  7. Colorado Checking In

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.
  8. Colorado Checking In

    I recently picked up a launch edition from the shop and have a question for those of you that signed the BPA and amended your 2022 federal return (sorry if this has already been answered). Do you also amend your 2022 state return as well with the same 8/15/2022 purchase date?
  9. Colorado Checking In

    Thanks for the tip on AAA. I’ll continue to call around!
  10. Colorado Checking In

    I'm sure some of the recent hail storms are to blame, combined with the high repair costs. Still a bit strange, since the front range is a major location for deliveries. You'd think if they are delivering so many trucks in an area then they'd want to offer insurance for them in the same area 🤷‍♂️.
  11. Colorado Checking In

    Has anyone else in Colorado been denied coverage by Rivian Insurance? I am located in the Springs and called for a quote. They told me they are not writing policies in my area. My current provider (State Farm) wants a ridiculous premium. More than my Tacoma and BMW coupe combined. This is a...
  12. Colorado Checking In

    This definitely has an influence on me actually taking delivery of a max pack truck when they are available.
  13. Rivian R1T Performance Dual Motor AWD, Time to Launch. 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, 307-400 miles range

    Same here. Haven’t heard anything, yet delivery window is is fast approaching.
  14. Quad motor vs locking diff

    But… that 1985 4Runner has a transmission, low range transfer case, and differentials to multiply torque.
  15. Differences between Dual-Motor AWD, Performance Dual-Motor AWD, Quad-Motor AWD : Drive mode, ride height, badging details -- posted by Rivian

    Yet again, as a max pack holder forced into the dual, I’m disappointed. At what point will I finally pull the plug 😂 . Still waiting for some off road reviews. I hope there is some sort of aggressive ATRAC like control system.
  16. 4x4 Roller Test Performed on R1T -- Rivian vs Toyota 4x4 Roller Test. Quad motor vs ATRAC vs Locker

    I'm skeptical that a single motor, regardless of a "virtual" locker or not, has the power to move a 7-8k pound truck when up against an obstacle or on a steep incline. Especially when in the confines of safe operating parameters for the motor, gearbox, electrical system, etc.
  17. Competition Leaked: 2024 Tacoma First Look Official Image!

    That is one cool looking truck. I’m into it.
  18. What Bike brand is this? Is it Rivian's upcoming ebike?

    I started out a little bit stoked seeing Rivian demo with a Revel, but wow has this thread took a downturn. 😂