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  1. Rear cargo liner for R1S?

    I got the Canvasback as well. Looks good, works as advertised. Customer service was excellent (was missing a strip of Velcro tape when it arrived).
  2. Kuat NV 2.0 Base Hitch Bike Rack Feels Tailor Made for the R1S

    yes, the backup camera still works. It’s largely obstructed by the bikes (or when the rack is up by the rack, but between the reverse camera and the 369 view you can make out reasonably well. There is a setting to shunt off the rear parking sensor, however, so you will lose that functionality.
  3. Kuat NV 2.0 Base Hitch Bike Rack Feels Tailor Made for the R1S

    Just brought home an R1S (Preorder 10/2019, Launch Green, Black Mountain, 21”) a few days ago. Had done quite a bit of research on hitch mounted bike racks and ultimately settled on the Kuat NV 2.0 Base in black. The right combination of features and ease of install (integrated locks, no tool...
  4. R1S - just one owner's thoughts at the 2 month mark

    Ha! Just took delivery of a Launch Green R1S. It’s my wife’s too. I’m “stuck” driving the Taycan! Thank goodness for weekends and family trips!
  5. Rear cargo liner for R1S?

    Thanks for the great feedback. Certainly considering it until a full weatherproof option becomes available.
  6. Rear cargo liner for R1S?

    Not quite the same, but came across these canvas liners. Anyone try them out yet? https://www.canvasback.com/rivian-r1s-cargo-liner.html
  7. New R1S owners, please enlighten us on insurance coverage

    Just priced out my R1S with Rivian Insurance. For the Rivian and my Taycan I was quoted ~$1450 with a progressive (current provider) and ~$1050 with Rivian/Nationwide. Bundling my home and get another 20% off that.