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  1. Front Lower than Rear when in Kneel Mode?

    Can’t tell if this is normal. I’ve heard of front sag overnight, but this is pretty immediate. Does anyone else’s truck have their front lower that rear when kneeling? Note it’s on a hill here, but issue still apparent in a flat garage.
  2. Sounds of Rivian: How The Vehicle Sounds Were Inspired by Nature

    Really cool article explaining the thought and intentions going into all the sounds our vehicles make: https://stories.rivian.com/sounds-of-rivian I'm assuming they used a dying frog to model whatever sound my door makes every time I open it (native to North America, of course).
  3. Washington Sold: Set of Four 20" A/T Bright Wheels + Tires - $3500 OBO

    I'm picking up my truck on Christmas Eve, but I decided I no longer want the A/T Bright wheels. I wanted to post this a little earlier to limit the miles on the tires. Willing to coordinate and drive up to ~30 miles from Seattle. $3500 OBO!
  4. How's Your Ocean Coast Interior Holding Up?

    Since it's been a few months, I'm assuming people have had some time to really put it through the wringer. As someone who spends a lot his time getting dirty on purpose (dog, offroading, snowboarding, etc), I've always thought the black mountain interior as the responsible choice. I'm also a bit...
  5. To Shield or Not to Shield? Option the Reinforced Underbody Shield?

    I’m getting access to the shop this Monday or Tuesday and although I’m pretty happy with my config, the one thing I may compromise on is the reinforced underbody shield. I haven’t done much off-roading beyond what’s been required to get to some Washington hiking trails, but it’s always something...
  6. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread similar to the @albo23 for Dec'22 -Jan '23 folks. Wondering how others are faring with this window. It looks like quite a few people already got e-mails to confirm their configurations. I've been checking the graphql network sources tabs...
  7. Anyone Paint Their 20" Wheels?

    I really like the 20" darks, but I haven't yet convinced myself it's worth the extra $1700. I know there are some vinyl wraps out there, but I'm not really a fan of the matte look on them. Would love to see some pics if anyone's done this. Bonus points for Limestone.
  8. How's the Bellevue SC Throughput?

    Just trying to gauge where they are with respect to deliveries and throughput. It used to be a powerhouse for Rivian deliveries, but it's been pretty quiet for a while. Last I saw, early to mid 2021 deliveries were consistently getting their trucks (with 1-2 SUVs) this month. If you live in the...
  9. Interview with Tony Caravano (Senior Director, Customer Engagement)

    Not much being said, but still pretty cool to see the engagement
  10. Change Delivery Location to Get Guide or Truck Sooner?

    I'm currently in Seattle and have heard 🦗 as far as getting a guide despite having what seems to be a prioritized config. I have very close friends and family in Atlanta, Orlando, and NY and and am wondering if that might help me get my truck or a guide sooner. Just a thought since I noticed a...
  11. Any Update on the Dearth of 20" AT Deliveries?

    I'm wondering if anyone with a guide or inside knowledge can shed some light on when (if ever) we can expect to see more 20" ATs being delivered. At least in the Seattle area, it feels like you get matched with a guide as soon as you switch to 21" road tires (I see about 3-8 Rivians a week...