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  1. nrrasmussen

    PSA - Don't use the hooks behind the front seats to hang your dry cleaning :(

    Hoping I can replace this part at some point because it drives me batty looking at it, but this was after hanging my dry cleaning on the hook behind the driver's seat ONCE. If you don't want scratched up fixtures, find someplace else for your dry cleaning -- but WHERE?!?! Would love your ideas...
  2. nrrasmussen

    UPDATED LOCATION: Central Texas Rivian Meet-up: San Marcos, TX - Saturday, May 20 from 9am to Noon

    Thanks to Mike for organizing (I'm just broadcasting!!)... WHAT: Central Texas Rivian Meet-up UPDATED WHERE: San Marcos Premium Outlet Mall (1-35 just south of San Marcos; Exit 200) WHEN: Saturday, May 20 from 9am-Noon ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Meet near the main entrance on Centerpoint Rd in the...
  3. nrrasmussen

    My collision repair experience (TLDR: it wasn’t quick, but ~4 months later, I have my R1S back!)

    Sharing this as I hope it is helpful to others who end up in the unfortunate position of needing to send their R1 in for body work at some point…. Sorry, brevity is not my forte, but I assure you I tried my best…. Read my original post for a few additional details on the collision and the “you...
  4. nrrasmussen

    What to disable/wipe/change prior to taking R1 in for 4-6 weeks of repairs??

    Unfortunately was rear-ended 4 days after delivery (everyone thankfully ok, and both parties civil!), and now, 3 months later, parts have finally arrived and I need to drop my R1 at the collision center for what they say will be 4-6 weeks for repairs (?!?!). Given how integrated the vehicle is...
  5. nrrasmussen

    Rivian R1S wrecked... 4 days after delivery! (but you should see the other guy...)

    So as my luck would have it, I got rear-ended on day 4 of ownership after waiting 3+ years for delivery -- and ON MY WAY to the shop to get the stealth wrap put on no less. Sometimes you just have to laugh because that's all you can do... That being said, even though I am obviously not at all...