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  1. Rear door disassembly?

    We had a hot chocolate incident on the way back from skiing today, and after thorough cleanup it is still dripping from within the rear door interior panels. Does anyone know how to disassemble the rear door interior to get it cleaned out? I can only find one t25 bolt in the bottom of the...
  2. 2022.35 OTA software update rumors?

    Rivian has been delivering OTA updates every 4 weeks consistently all spring/summer pointing to a 4-week sprint development cycle. That should put the next one at 2022.35 (year.week number) with the updates being rolled out pretty reliably 3 weeks after the week # in the build name. That should...
  3. NFC cards and PaaK no longer working

    A couple weeks ago, both NFC key cards stopped working. Then last weekend, both my wife’s and my Phone-as-key suddenly stopped working as well, so now we’re down to the key fob as the only working access method (and heading out on a road trip tomorrow, nervous AF about it). I’ve had service...
  4. Does the wrist band key still exist?

    Has anyone with a recent delivery gotten one of the wrist band keys that they previously talked about? I took delivery about 2 weeks ago and did not receive one. Is it still a thing?
  5. Snow tire chain recommendations?

    Anyone have a recommendation for good tire chains that fit the 20” ATs? I’m in the queue for delivery soon and will need them to access one of my favorite winter destinations. The Owner’s Manual seems to come up empty for this, which is unusual.