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  1. Babbuino

    What do you use your R1T bed for? (Picture Edition)

    It's been a fun year with my R1T
  2. Babbuino

    “75% of R1T and R1S customers are new to EVs…” says Rivian

    First EV 3rd pick up truck (2 Tacomas previously)
  3. Babbuino

    Rivian 20" Aero Covers

    I think someone bought all season 20s, so this plus the aero covers may actually bring the eff to a new peak
  4. Babbuino

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    If getting the running boards, we can't use it for jacking up the truck, so will the lifting jack pucks still fit?
  5. Babbuino

    Video: Rivian R1T Aerodynamics - Is the claimed drag coefficient of 0.30 correct?

    Aero covers may help the wheels. Has anyone found a solution for the 22s or 20s?
  6. Babbuino

    Still waiting for 20" spare tire to be delivered

    Got my truck on 5/20. I called to make sure the spare was ordered, but I still haven't heard any expected delivery date.
  7. Babbuino

    Navigation shows me an address, but can't search for it

    Check if Alexa can find it. I've had that happen to me before where typing the address didn't give me any results, but somehow Alexa could find it...
  8. Babbuino

    Tips to reduce vampiric power loss?

    I didn't have a way to check the cabin temp on my previous vehicle, so I'm not sure tbh. At least with the R1T, I've seen +130F before on really hot days 95+, but after I got the sun shade for the windshield and pano roof and the tint, I haven't seen it above 125F.
  9. Babbuino

    Florida Pre-orders

    Looks like there will be one for sale soon at Sanford's VW dealership.
  10. Babbuino

    Tips to reduce vampiric power loss?

    On v19.3, mine uses ~6mi/24h when left outside and the ambient temp is 74-92F. The drain increased to ~9mi/24h on hotter days 76-99F. This drain was recorded with the gear guard on, but not much/if any movement around. I saw a max cabin temp of 130F for the days with higher drain.
  11. Babbuino

    Removing 21" wheel aero covers + 3d printed hub cap = clean, easy

    I just got my first 3D printer about a month ago and I've been printing some designs on thingiverse. I was wondering what program do you guys use to design the stl files. I have a set of 20s and I wouldn't mind trying to design the aero covers that the 20s had initially. My idea is to start...
  12. Babbuino

    Getting stopped and asked questions?

    This has been my most common conversation: Q- Who makes that? A- Rivian Q- yes, but who makes it A- Rivian Q- yes but who makes it, Ford or GM A- Rivian, that's the manufacturer Q- yeah...but who owns them... A- Noone, it's a electric vehicle start up. Similar to what Tesla did with EV cars...
  13. Babbuino


    The same thing happened to me. My truck also doesn't include the spare tire payload even though i had a spare from the beginning. I called the service center and they told me an order was already placed for the spare tire and once it arrives, someone will come to the house to install it.
  14. Babbuino

    Factory production floor - recent look

    Now they know that they are looking for a blue guy, robust build, ~5'10" that may be wearing a hat... ohhh they'll catch him