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  1. Lil'Dave

    R1S - WeatherTech Front Mats

    I recently visited the Chicago suburbs so I swung by the WeatherTech factory store. I wanted to pick up a set of front mats for the R1S. I walked into the store and up to a waiting customer service rep. This is where things went sideways. I made the mistake of telling them my R1S was a 2023...
  2. Lil'Dave

    Our R1S Factory Delivery

    We took delivery of our LE R1S earlier today. We did the tour and got to see the factory in action. I've been there a few times for family events so this is the first time production was happening. Overall a great experience with a great tour guide. We then went back to the delivery center...
  3. Lil'Dave

    Tesla Price Cuts Across The Board

    This now qualifies the MY for the federal credit until at least March. Model 3 RWD: $43,990 (from $46,990, a 6.4% drop) • Model 3 P: $53,990 ($62,990, 14.2% drop) • Model Y Long Range: $52,990 (from $65,990, a 20% drop) • Model Y P: $56,990 (from $69,990, a 19% drop)
  4. Lil'Dave

    Rivian Holiday Family Day - Our self guided tour of the factory floor (Photos)

    Rivian holiday party. This time we were able to do a self guided tour of the factory floor. It was a ton of walking but got to see lots of cool stuff. It's really cool they do this for employees. Updated with more details: We were there pretty late (6ish) so the reindeer had knocked off...
  5. Lil'Dave

    R1S Photos From Rivian Employee Family Day

    Rivian had an employee family day. I got to check out the R1S for the first time in person. It was as expected (after seeing the videos from Venice) so no real surprises. I was trying not to get any people (which was impossible) in the pictures so that is the reason for the weird angles...
  6. Lil'Dave

    New R1T/R1S Shirts - Gear Shop

    I guess these are new additions to the Gear Shop? https://rivian.com/gear-shop/p/r1s-t-shirt?sku=AP000185HTG004 https://rivian.com/gear-shop/p/r1t-t-shirt?sku=AP000238NAT004 I ordered the R1S shirt out of desperation of owning something representing a real one.
  7. Lil'Dave

    Rivian 10-K Annual Report (3/31/2022)

    Hopefully not a repost. Highlights - Ukraine cited 13 times and Covid 28 times. https://sec.report/Document/0001874178-22-000008/
  8. Lil'Dave

    Strange Rivian Marketplace Listing

    Came across this on Facebook Marketplace. Asking price is $400 but you better not ask any questions lol.
  9. Lil'Dave

    Another small fire at the factory

    Saw this pop up on my local news feed this morning. normal-fire-chief-rivian-sprinkler-system-puts-out-vehicle-fire-local-plant