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  1. rhumbliner

    Will Dual Motor architecture solve regen limit issue

    This topic was covered here back in April and Rivian admitted it was a thermal issue. Rivian hasn’t announced whether or not the dual motor version fixes the problem so we’ll just have to wait and see.
  2. rhumbliner

    Oregon Set of 5 Pirelli Scorpion AT+

    I have a set of 5 Pirelli Scorpion AT+ (275/65R20) tires which came with my R1T but used only 1 winter. The spare has never been used. Asking $1400 for the set. Located in Bend.
  3. rhumbliner

    R1S school buses lined up at drop off this morning

    Well Houston is an awfully large area. Years ago I occasionally drove from Austin to Lake Charles and I swear the longest part of the drive was thru Houston. :)
  4. rhumbliner

    R1S school buses lined up at drop off this morning

    R1T’s & R1S’s are so common here in Bend that the owners have stopped waving at each other. The camaraderie was fun while it lasted. :confused:
  5. rhumbliner

    Location of charge port and NACS (Tesla) charging

    Not all Tesla charging sites are strictly back-in. Many of the sites I’ve used have at least 1 forward-in site and Tesla has installed some trailer-friendly pull-thru sites. I have done this several times when the chargers are at the back of an uncrowded parking lot. If I’m blocking other...
  6. rhumbliner

    Finally got est. delivery, what would you change?

    Yes. I swapped the AT+ for the Nokian One HT road tire and got my range back. I’ll just use the AT+ for winter driving.
  7. rhumbliner

    Is charging in Wisconsin as bad as it looks?

    PlugShare is your friend. Don’t leave home without it.
  8. rhumbliner

    Analyst Price Target Changes after yesterday’s earnings

    Predictions are hard. Especially about the future.
  9. rhumbliner

    ABRP 4.5.0. gets a major upgrade

    +1 As a huge fan and constant user of PlugShare, I once contacted them because they rated a RAN site as 7.5 when in fact every charger worked flawlessly. The reason it got a 7.5 was because some users complained it could only be used by Rivian owners. WTF? PS promised they would screen out...
  10. rhumbliner

    30 amp adapter for use at RV campground

    What you’re describing is known as a TT receptacle and yes it is 120 volt 30 amp. Check out EVSE Adapters for sale or Car Charging if you want to build your own.
  11. rhumbliner

    Memphis to Oshkosh to Memphis in R1S (warning, long )

    @Joe schmoe, thanks for the write up. I especially liked hearing about the Midwest thunderstorms — how I miss those. I have one request, hopefully you documented your charging experiences on PlugShare. PS is a vital resource for those of us forced to use CCS chargers. I do a lot of...
  12. rhumbliner

    weight distributing, anti-sway hitches

    When I purchased my Flying Cloud the Airstream dealer also recommended the Blue Ox but I personally felt Curt’s WDH was easier to hitch & unhitch once it’s setup properly. And unfortunately that’s a concern when traveling and using public chargers. As @Swezey correctly points out, you really...
  13. rhumbliner

    2023.26.0 Software Update Pushed

    Same here, usually, but this time I was in the first wave. I guess they rotate thru customers.
  14. rhumbliner

    Oregon Trip Report: Bend to Blue River

    So you’re the one who posted that photo on PlugShare! Thanks for that. I found it very encouraging. As for Sisters, yep I studied the satellite photos of that charger (I always research a new charger via satellite photos) and it‘s clear I would have to drop the trailer. Luckily Sisters is...
  15. rhumbliner

    Oregon Trip Report: Bend to Blue River

    This weekend I towed my 6000 lb Airstream from Bend to Blue River and back. Crossing Santiam Pass on the way to Blue River isn't very exciting since I'm starting at 3623' and Santiam Pass is at 4817' so the elevation change isn't great. But the return trip is interesting since the elevation at...
  16. rhumbliner

    Cybertruck versus Rivian R1T vs R1S - first real life looks together (video)

    Not defending the design, but I’m 5’10” and I can’t get anything out of the back of my Ram 1500. I’m always crawling into the bed.
  17. rhumbliner

    How to wait in line for charger to free up?

    Off topic I know, but years ago when I was a sales rep in Spain I was riding around Valencia with my distributor and could discern no clear pattern to when he took the right-of-way and when he yielded. I finally asked who had the right-of-way at roundabouts and unmarked intersections and he...
  18. rhumbliner

    Towing my Airstream w/ R1T from Bend to Port Angeles -- efficiency numbers & experience vs Ram 1500

    I can now report on the 2nd half of our trip: the return from Vancouver Island to Bend towing our Airstream. Starting from Port Angeles to the EA in Gig Harbor the roads were dry and winds were calm and I tried to maintain around 65 mph on the open road. From Gig Harbor to the EA in Kelso...