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  1. Lil'Dave

    Memphis to Oshkosh to Memphis in R1S (warning, long )

    Nice write up! Central IL is a charging desert for CCS. Bloomington has 3 Tesla SC locations which two of them being V3. When traveling south, we skipped the Mt Vernon (had bad checkins at the time) and used the EVgo at Fairview Heights, IL. Had really good luck with it both times. We had...
  2. Lil'Dave

    Rivian "pucks" for lift points on R1T

    Thanks for the link and feedback. Already time for a tire rotation so I just ordered!
  3. Lil'Dave

    Rivian dash rattle

    This is what they did to fix it for us. I am guessing it was rattling still after the fix since they didn't get it assembled correctly (didn't lock in all clips) on the speaker cover. I
  4. Lil'Dave

    Rivian dash rattle

    We have (had) this too. They attempted to fix it when servicing but it was the same when they gave it back. I was able to get 3 clips to snap/lock back in on the speaker cover by the windshield. Hasn't rattled since so keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Lil'Dave

    Endless Frustration: Relentless Noise Issues with R1S - Seeking Support and Solutions!

    I understand the cooling during/after a fast charge. Our last trip was the first time we heard the same noise as the OP but it did stop around 5 mins after we started driving. It was ridiculously loud, rattling interior parts. That is absolutely not normal and was not present on our previous...
  6. Lil'Dave

    Endless Frustration: Relentless Noise Issues with R1S - Seeking Support and Solutions!

    That is ridiculous. I had mentioned that ours did it a few times after a fast charge and I chalked it up to cooling the battery. Inside the cabin it was crazy loud. My wife was like wtf when it kicked on like that but I assured here it was just because of the fast charge, etc. I wouldn't...
  7. Lil'Dave

    Dallas Service Center is a complete joke. Beyond Frustrated!

    We had a similar noise we noticed while traveling. It only occurred at the end of a fast charge and stayed that noisy until a few mins into the drive after leaving the charger. This was in 90+ degree temps only.
  8. Lil'Dave

    R1S - WeatherTech Front Mats

    If you ever need warranty be sure to tell them it's in a 2022!
  9. Lil'Dave

    R1S - WeatherTech Front Mats

    Good to know. Thank you!
  10. Lil'Dave

    R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I saved my issues for later but I wasn't super impressed with the service center. It's back behind security at the plant so you basically have no interaction with anyone expect the two people that sit up front in the lobby (main entrance to plant). I had a part fall off (interior) after I...
  11. Lil'Dave

    R1S - WeatherTech Front Mats

    I recently visited the Chicago suburbs so I swung by the WeatherTech factory store. I wanted to pick up a set of front mats for the R1S. I walked into the store and up to a waiting customer service rep. This is where things went sideways. I made the mistake of telling them my R1S was a 2023...
  12. Lil'Dave

    2023.14.0 Software update released

    I got it about 10 minutes ago. Wouldn't start through the app so had to go to the vehicle.
  13. Lil'Dave

    R1S horn sound weak

    We tried it while driving and couldn't really make out what it sounded like (sounded weak). Just went to the garage and tried it. Weak but sufficient (barely).
  14. Lil'Dave

    Buy wheels only (no tires) from Rivian?

    I was in the same boat. I got lucky and found a set of new takeoffs locally (20" wheels only) for 1K.
  15. Lil'Dave

    Tesla Slashes Prices Again - $39,900 M3, $49,900 MY Long Range

    We put 50K on our MY in 2 years. Zero issues and fit and finish was perfect. Local Tesla service center is top notch. We sold the MY and replaced it with the R1S. Body panels are off (not going to have that fixed) dash speaker rattles and a big clunk at take off. We are at 1,000 miles. I...
  16. Lil'Dave

    Has anyone’s Lectron Tesla adapter stopped working with Destination chargers

    I know there is a setting on the Tesla home charger that allows you to select to allow charging on everything or Tesla only. I can't speak to the destination chargers but something to keep in mind.
  17. Lil'Dave

    Email “learn more about trade ins, financing, insurance”

    I received that email 5 days after I took delivery.
  18. Lil'Dave

    Ryan Huber’s One Year Review and Write-up about Rivian Worth a Read

    Great writeup! We were there after @rhuber on 3/24 to pick up our R1S. Curtis mentioned that he was there earlier and was really impressed at the difference a year had made. I am pretty excited about Rivian after just a week with the R1S. Hope they continue to build momentum.
  19. Lil'Dave

    Angry RAM TRX drivers last night

    It sadly hasn't changed much here since 2011 when I drove my first Volt. Lots of coal rolling and trying to beat it at stop lights. Most of the action in the Tesla was sports cars. Be curious to see how people react to the Rivian since it's local.
  20. Lil'Dave

    Show off your Level 2 Home Charger installs here

    Tesla J1772 charger. 24' cord. Easy install to replace the identical (except for cord) Tesla charger I had before.