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  1. TWRAPS vs Abstract Ocean Front "grille" wrap?

    I want to get one of these kits to put some PPF on the "grille" before winter comes... I know that area is gonna get torn up. Is there any difference between these two brands/organizations? They have the exact same product at the same price? Anyone recommend one? THX
  2. WeatherTech Second Row Floormats from R1T fit R1S?

    I can't find a thread confirming this.. But can someone say if the second row WT Floor mats for the R1T fit the R1S as well? Winter coming means it's time to swap out the chilewiches.
  3. 2023 R1S needed by WeatherTech in IL

    If anyone has a 2023 R1S and is located in IL, WeatherTech is looking for one so that they can verify their 2022 patterns will indeed fit the 2023 MY. Reach out to CS and they will put you in touch with the production team to make arrangements. Also, they say rear and cargo mats for the 2022...
  4. Oregon Trade 22 Brights for 20 Darks?

    I'm not sure if this totally violates the rules, so please delete if so. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a shop R1S with 22" brights. Would anyone want to swap them for 20" darks?
  5. Has anyone with an R1S adv trim ever been matched to an LE Trim?

    Has anyone with an R1S adventure trim reservation had their guide match them to a LE Trim? I know it used to happen with the R1Ts, but am not sure if Rivian stopped that practice?
  6. Oregon WTB - set of 20s

    If anyone has a set of 20's available, I'm interested in buying them to use with snow tires. happy to pay shipping and can have fedex pick them up from your house. Ideally the standard 20" AT wheels.
  7. Switch from T to S after config. confirmation?

    Long story short; I have an R1T configured which had a delivery estimate of Jan/Feb 2023 (reservation put in Sept 2021). Last week I got the email to confirm our configuration and was assigned a guide. However, I'd much prefer an R1S and was essentially just reserving a T to get a Rivian sooner...