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  1. Upcoming Rivian September 2023 software update: Drive Mode and UI Updates

    Just give me back the wolf howl / owl hoot and red interior lights for halloween please 😭
  2. KO3 tires installed on Rivian R1T!

    I'll keep this post in mind when my tread wears. If you've seen a red R1T in west seattle, that's probably me ;) I've seen a good number of trucks here lately
  3. Lightning is a Better Road Tripper than our Rivian R1T

    Do you use the Rivian nav to route to the next charger? Battery preconditioning kicks in 30-60 minutes before arrival and I usually immediately get 200+ kw seconds after plugging in. Makes a big difference.
  4. Felt weird going for inspection.

    I got hit by that clown when I lived in Texas - he also didn't have insurance. Those a$$clowns don't care about following the rules 🤷‍♂️
  5. The Competition: 2024 Silverado EV Reviews Are Here

    At 200kW, it would take almost 24 hours to charge at home on a 40A circuit, sheesh
  6. Dear Shareholders, From RJ (2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting) + Peek at R2 Model

    Every time I see a Chevy Avalanche, my brain pauses for a few seconds trying to understand "why"
  7. Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    Sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds from the time I press the keyfob till the vehicle unlocks. I'm standing there like an idiot next to it, girlfriend holding grocery bags on the other side, waiting for the car to unlock. I thought keyfob unlocking a car was a solved problem, but it seems like...
  8. Impact of leaving a R1T at home without using it?

    Back of napkin math estimates if Rivian has 20,000 cars produced consuming 1 kwh/day just to exist, that's about the same CO2 emissions as putting 3-500ish gas cars on the road (counter to their ethos). I still don't understand why a sleeping car needs so much more power than a phone just for...
  9. For those who got R1S (or R1T) at original approximately $78k would you buy one for new price of approximately $93k?

    I would have switched to a dual motor, lower specced version (that still includes nearly all the useful features) to hit the 70-80k mark
  10. R1T Rollover Flipped!

    I had the same thing happen with my Ducati. It just flipped for no reason
  11. Battery Vampire Drain Test for R1T: 10 days parked unplugged = 1.2% per day loss.

    Interesting, calculates to about 65 watts to maintain standby. I'm really curious what the car is doing to require what's basically a laptop running full-time. I know there are various sensors and low-power radios running but these generally don't require a whole lot of energy
  12. Tow Test - Rivian R1T & nuCamp TAB 320 S Boondock Teardrop Trailer

    OR EVEN BIGGER... https://bowlus.com/volterra/
  13. Gift from Rivian?

    They sent me a second set of crossbars but ... uh I don't think that was intended as a gift
  14. Anyone else not like Rivian's sounds?

    I prefer the Rivian pedestrian sound 1000x to Tesla. From my inside my bedroom I hear my neighbor's Tesla every morning - the hovercar sounding whir. Maybe it's cute the first time you notice it but not the thousandth time, it's just stupid. In comparison, I like the nothingness sound of the...
  15. If you could be on the CCS or Super Charger network moving forward, which would you choose?

    whichever one codifies a decent communication protocol standard first. this is necessary for wide-spread installation of utility-owned chargers in cities
  16. Screen Protectors For Rivian Display

    I ordered these a few weeks ago (thanks AO for the additional help you provided too) and can attest they are pretty incredible. I really prefer the matte screen and the dramatic reduction in fingerprints
  17. New R1S owners, please enlighten us on insurance coverage

    PNW, Costco quote surprised me at 480/6mo, 250/500 deductible
  18. PPF advice?

    Frankly they need to remove this from their site. You fill out the form and they refer your info to a local installer. The installer will tell you that $4500 full vehicle quote is impossible, which I understand.
  19. Rivian Shop just added a ton of available R1T trucks

    My guide said mine’s coming in a big end of month push. Can’t wait to get the hastily built end of quarter builds 😂