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  1. ironpig

    Will we see a Rivian R1S Large edition?

    And the current size is already bigger than it needs to be. I'd rather see a 2 person single cab truck with a long bed instead more of these vehicles for oversized families.
  2. ironpig

    Dual Motor Performance Rivian R1T delivered in LA, CA

    Congrats and beautiful color! All of us old school quad guys will be looking forward to your thoughts on performance and range.
  3. ironpig

    Would you give up the pending powered tonneau cover for the manual if it's an option

    My Powered cover is still working but I hesitate to use it too much. It doesn't look like it's going to keep working for long especially with the amount of dirt and debris it's always pulling inside with it. I still think I'd prefer the powered cover over the manual. When it works it's...
  4. ironpig

    Too complex to use while driving, or parking.

    I think it makes simple sense to have an odometer visible if people want it. I disagree that it provides much use in the modern world. If the GPS goes out and/or we lose power for a long period of time in some chaotic event, I'll be in my Land Cruiser anyway.
  5. ironpig

    Trailer Assist imminent?

    I back my horse trailer fine, but I don't see any downside to having more tech available. Ford's Pro Trailer assist is fantastic. And you calibrate it for each of your trailers by size.
  6. ironpig

    Is anyone else as pissed off/frustrated at having to pay for the reinforced underbody just because I need the 20” wheels?

    Seems like a silly argument. Lots of manufactures bundle items for packages. Frankly, Rivian should have fewer options to configure at this point. If you don't like it, just buy a truck with 21inch tires and buy aftermarket wheels like everyone else. does.
  7. ironpig

    Rivian cost cutting suggestion: Lose the camp speaker

    I've never even removed mine from its holder to see if it works. I will likely never use it and so you'd think my answer would be in agreement to remove it from future models - but unfortunately these kinds of gimmicks are great sales tools. For 90% of customers buying off-road capable...
  8. ironpig

    Is the Model X now a better buy over R1S? (WARNING: NO ELON MUSK DISCUSSIONS)

    My Parents have an X that I drive often. It's a great EV and it feels like it would be good for a family. Definitely feels like a big solid safe vehicle. Personally, I find the rear doors incredibly annoying, but some people like them. I don't think they have had any real issues with it...
  9. ironpig

    Towing a small trailer

    I think the only thing you lose if you don't use the tow mode is the ability to trailer brake. I have only towed my horse trailer which is 3300lbs without horses. I use the tow mode, but as you have probably noticed from other threads, the range estimates are still inaccurate in tow mode. I...
  10. ironpig

    R1T Tailgate Pad arrives in the Gear Shop

    Been using mine the last few days for non bike activities like picking up some wood that hung out the back of the truck. I secured it to the top of the tailgate pad. (Of course I forgot to take a pic) anyway, the pad is really well made and has thicker foam than I was expecting. Definitely...
  11. ironpig

    Are R1T / R1S really 'Adventure Vehicles'? Discuss...

    "Adventure vehicle" is obviously a branding and marketing label. But really Adventure is something done by people, not a vehicle. Any vehicle can be an adventure tool in the right hands on the right trip.
  12. ironpig

    Rivian wall charger - disappointing

    thanks for that explanation. Makes sense on the DC charging, but does make me wonder if they are realizing they have an issue with their L2 connection hardware and I wish they would be more transparent. has anyone heard of another EV that needed to throttle their L2 charging? I did a quick...
  13. ironpig

    Rivian wall charger - disappointing

    Right - that’s the point. If the vehicle can’t handle charging at 48 amps in 90 degree whether it is fundamentally flawed. There is clearly a hardware issue. Also - why does it not happen with the DC fast chargers in the same weather? I can charge at 150Kw at the local EA station in 90 degree...
  14. ironpig

    Rivian wall charger - disappointing

    yeah and I’m using a lectron adapter with a Tesla charger so although it’s annoying - I guess I would like them to be a little conservative about heat build up. On the other hand if you are using a Rivian charger on a 60amp breaker with your Rivian and they are throttling the charge rate...
  15. ironpig

    Static with surround audio from speakers over left driver and rear

    There are 3 resets you can do at home (listed below). Just try the infotainment reset and hopefully that will fix it for you. It did for me. If not, you can try a full reset. If those don't work, have Rivian look at it. When it happened to me, I was certain I had a blown side speaker the...
  16. ironpig

    Static with surround audio from speakers over left driver and rear

    If it goes away when you turn off surround, it's a software issue - luckily. My R1T developed it after a software update. It was incredibly annoying because the side surround is right by the drivers head. Software reset should fix it. (at least it did for me and others)
  17. ironpig

    Rivian wall charger - disappointing

    I don't think it matters what charger you use. The throttling is on the truck side. I use a Tesla charger and recently noticed that my charge rate was dropping to 7KW often . It's frustrating, but when I checked the plug ( a lectron adapter on an OG Tesla charger) it was pretty warm. I...
  18. ironpig

    Forest Edge Owners - Any Regrets?

    LG/FE. I love it. It's very unique. That said, I'd be fine with the black interior too. They are both nice. (I am not a fan of the OC after seeing it in a friend's car.)
  19. ironpig

    Rivian rebooted while driving

    that’s the stare I got from my partner when she saw the screen go blank with her sick horse in the trailer…..
  20. ironpig

    Rivian rebooted while driving

    interesting. I will keep that in mind. I was towing in 100 degree heat so it’s possible it was a temperature issue but if it is, it will likely happen again.