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  1. 50 amp vs 40 amp vs 30 amp

    If you are only overnight charging, speed won't matter as much, but for those times you need it NOW, speed matters. I am firmly entrenched in Camp Prepare For The Worst. As my dad likes to say, "always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it." All things being equal...
  2. Are there any products you need for the Rivian and nobody made yet?

    Ooh, I like this. Seconded!
  3. New Mobile Charger for $165

    Meh, it's just electricity. What's the worst that could happen? (sarcasm)
  4. Helpful Apps For Rivian Ownership?

    Plugshare is kind of like the Yelp of EV chargers. Folks post comments/reviews about their charging experience like which station worked, which didn't, rate changes, stuff to do in the vicinity, etc. It's a good way to find out if the chargers still work.
  5. Proximity and PAAK - Why can’t it work consistently?

    Mine seems to work best when approaching from the passenger side. Second best is from the front, third from driver's, worst from the tailgate.
  6. List your Rivian (Enterprise) provided loaner car during service

    I got an Infiniti Q50, which pre-R1T would be a nice upgrade from what I had (Ridgeline). However, compared to my Rivian, it's trash. Acceleration, passing, on-ramping - all feels laggy and slow. A large contributing (albeit subjective) factor is that my grumpy mid-life crisis-ing neighbor...
  7. Creaking sound when waking up?

    First thing that came to mind when I first heard this. (SFW)
  8. Update 2023.34.0 -- Improved Handling & Ride Comfort, Phone Call Steering Wheel Functions, Set Speed for ACC / HWA, 25% Better Sleep Range Loss

    Ah ok, that makes sense. In my defense, I grew up being told to "just look out the window" whenever I complained about being bored, so all this is new to me.
  9. Update 2023.34.0 -- Improved Handling & Ride Comfort, Phone Call Steering Wheel Functions, Set Speed for ACC / HWA, 25% Better Sleep Range Loss

    100% with you on USB-sourced audio. The streaming stuff blows. However, the option to view videos scares me. People already demonstrate a glaring inability multitask when driving (texting, scrolling though whatever) without holding traffic up or killing others. I can only imagine how bad...
  10. Joke Thread // Add as you like

    USB-C playback is unnecessary because of the suite of streaming apps offered by Rivian.
  11. Take those ugly (wheel aero covers) things off !!! Less than 1% diff.

    I've stopped caring about how I look since my late 30's (my wife will confirm), solely focusing on performance and function. It's kinda liberating, TBH. Anyway, even if the aeros didn't make a difference, I'd still have to store them somewhere, and it's not worth the clutter. 1%, 5%, it's...
  12. Tailgate Top Wrap

    I wonder if this would help?
  13. Help me choose my new cook system

    I second this. Having used all three (old school electric, gas, induction), induction is by far my favorite. You can near instantaneous temp control, no open flame, and the flat cooktop is really easy to keep clean. I favor cast iron cookware regardless, so this is the best of all worlds, IMO.
  14. Installed Second Horn (Hella) on my Rivian

    We need a mod for installing a missile launcher. Asking for a friend.
  15. Powered Tonneau WILL be available as RETROFIT in 2024 (per Rivian Guide). This is HUGE!

    Pretty sure it won't be cheap, so there will be a barrier to entry that'll thin the herd a bit.
  16. Touch Up Paint - Does it match?

    I got the Limestone touch up paint, and it totally does not match. I have a service appointment for other issues, but have added this onto the list.
  17. NEW - OpenSource EV Slim Stowable Cup Holder Expander

    Great timing. The days of my daughter's oversized water bottle crashing violently mid-drive will soon be over!!
  18. Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    A direct USB-C connection to a music source would fix all of that, including album art. I mean, it's worked for others during the last 17 years.
  19. Canyonlands/Moab White Rim Road Trip Report and 5k mi R1T Review

    With you on the infotainment. It could all be easily remedied by providing USB-C playback capability, but they're digging their heels in the whole "we offer a suite of streaming apps" BS.
  20. Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite Trip in R1S -- 1200 miles in 11 days

    I read Yosemite has some Rivian chargers onsite. Did you see any?