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  1. R1T Shop appears to be accessible to everyone now

    R1T shop is not available for east part of Canada. I have order a R1T in June 2020.
  2. Has anyone switched from R1S <—> R1T

    Can you show a picture of your bikes mount onto the R1T bed-height crossbar because we see mostly bikes mounted on the cabin height crossbar. This is interesting for me. I have order a R1T Max in june 2020
  3. Cancelling R1T Preorder - Reasons

    Thank you Mark for sharing your experience. I have read all the thread since 2016! Very interesting. You were at the forefront of your time Mark if I may say…. I notice early on in the thread that you know Andy Thompson. I have appreciate very much all his parers on towing Airstream...
  4. Cancelling R1T Preorder - Reasons

    I have put both in the same sentence but Your right, only my Airstream is coming this coming summer. I have been informed that my Rivian will arrive the first half of 2023…. Much patience is needed.
  5. Cancelling R1T Preorder - Reasons

    Thank you very much for what you share. I have reserved a Rivian R1T max pack as well for towing a 28 feet Airstream that I will receive in July 2022. What is the size of your Airstream? Do you tow with your model X base on its front and rear axles gross weight limits with a weight...
  6. Updated Delivery Windows coming

    Thank you for this appreciated confirmation:-)
  7. Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    I want the 180 kwhr battery because we plan to tow a 31 feet travel traler. That will give only 200 miles with such a travel trailer at 60 mile/hr...