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  1. sac602

    Cooler to fit in the Frunk...what size have you found that fits. R1T

    the Bodega 36l fits (barley). it's a good cheap one. does fit in frunk. works fine for fridge. have not tested but not sure it would keep stuff frozen given the heat in frunk on hot days. here is link I did and also wiring in frunk https://reddit.com/r/Rivian/s/58qKRJpVd5
  2. sac602

    Mounting a cell phone. Has anyone done it?

    I used the everyamp phone mount dash anchor wtih 17mm ball, an extender and used a flat usb cable under dash that made for a very clean install (IMO). Power is from obdi to usb adapter. I did use a rubber strap thing used for bike lights...
  3. sac602

    Fridge Slide for R1S Cargo Area Install (could maybe work for induction burner camp kitchen too?)

    it's really hard to get the door open/install&remove the baskets in the back. just ease of access.
  4. sac602

    Guard those windshields!

    I have had mine for 2 months and it still looks great. There's a few small marks where things have hit the windshield but they probably would have either pitted or made little scratches on the glass. Does require a solution be applied to the windshield and I do that whenever I wash the car. I...
  5. sac602

    R1S drivers side rear panel removal and various wiring pinnouts, compressor panel.

    Awesome! Thanks for responding. I look forward to seeing your setup! When you do your write up, can you show/describe/confirm you tapped the stock sub line-in for the inputs using a line-in to RCA converter? (like this) https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20646KILO2/Kicker-46KISLOC2.html or did you go...
  6. sac602

    Teardown: R1S Audio Unit under drivers seat and speaker harness pinnout.

    How about some updates PEOPLE! Im looking at doing one of these spare tire subwoofers but trying to figure out power. You all running directly from battery or tapping into something in the back? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0861JBRKC/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A66MBWMVVRUO1&th=1
  7. sac602

    R1S drivers side rear panel removal and various wiring pinnouts, compressor panel.

    What did you ultimaly do for power to your amp? Did you use the Pink(battery for the trailer and is 35 amp), run a new line from the fuseblock? Run line to battery? Thanks. Im wanting to put in a self powered sub...
  8. sac602

    Fridge Slide for R1S Cargo Area Install (could maybe work for induction burner camp kitchen too?)

    I was inspired to do a write up by SacramentoElectric on a fridge slide install writeup for the R1T (https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/rivian-r1t-no-drill-fridge-slide-diy-installation-walkthrough.18923/). I have used a fridge slide in my 4Runner for years and it is very useful...
  9. sac602

    Rivian Quality - Two Genuine Questions

    I received my S at the beginning of August, and upon delivery the only thing wrong was that one of the plastic covers for a jack point had fallen off during transport. They sent mobile tech out the within a week who popped it on. At this point I did not notice any other imperfections, but the...
  10. sac602

    Rivian R1T No Drill Fridge Slide DIY Installation Walkthrough

    looks great! I've had a fridge slide in a 4runner for years and they really are very handy, so much so that I bought a slide for my R1S. I may get inspired to do a sister post for that install to give others ideas. edit: posted r1s slide write up here...
  11. sac602

    Possible powered sub option

    I am planning on getting one of these at some point. I will run the power to the battery. CERWIN Vega 600W Active Spare Tire Application Subwoofers Series (VPSTX12) https://a.co/d/9EQNCD0
  12. sac602

    Frunk Fridge Update. Dometic?

    Dominic fridges are very high quality, so I think it would be fine except on super hot days. I have a bodega 36 L fridge that is a Amazon special. It can't keep things Frozen up there due to heat and lack of circulation but is fine keeping things in the low 30s, I think with the high quality...
  13. sac602

    Frunk Fridge Update. Dometic?

    I did a write-up on this. There is still wiring that can be tapped in Fairly easily , the only issue is the front does get hot.
  14. sac602

    Using paint protection film to make this Rivian R1S two tone!

    I think this is what most r1s matte wraps are doing. here is my Silver. love the look with the contrast
  15. sac602

    Rivians through the Rubicon trail

  16. sac602

    Rivians through the Rubicon trail

    I just did the Rubicon in my Polaris sxs two weeks ago. can't imagine taking any stock vehicle through there. the Rivians flat underbody shielding will help with sliding down rocks, but there are huge boulders to get over/around. 100% needs to have sliders. don't think it would make it solo w/o...
  17. sac602

    Sizing it up.. my power cooler arrived.. ICECO GO20 Dual Zone

    my Bodega 36 fits if pushed to back of frunk (against firewall) here is vid... https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZjuKNVZKRGVEy79r4SJkVasSH6dT0BR2Lak. Itnis tight, but works. if near front it won't latch.
  18. sac602

    Removing safety stickers on visors -- best method?

    if you use alcohol don't you just see twice as many?
  19. sac602

    Removing safety stickers on visors -- best method?

    thanks for volunteering! I'll wait for your report.