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  1. RivJob

    Fender Bender... I'll let you know if it costs $42,000 to repair

    It happened and it stinks. I was in a crowded parking lot for my daughter's dance recital. I was in the furthest available row in the parking lot, as owning my truck has unlocked a new parking paint protection anxiety I didn't have before, when I came across two parking spots. I stopped...
  2. RivJob

    SUP Dawg? Why are you whistling at me?? [Yakima SUP Dawg rack on Rivian Crossbars whistle and I want it to stop]

    Anyone have a fix for the whistle sound caused by the Yakima SUP Daw surf board rack when mounted over the cab using the Rivian Crossbars? Some context: I have the Rivian Cross Bars and I already owned the Yakima SUP Dawg surf board rack before I took delivery. I was using the Yakima SUP Dawg...
  3. RivJob

    Manual Tonneau Cover coming back?! [Update: Friend's manual tonneau will be shipped when ready - no ETA given]

    UPDATE POST-DELIVERY: I just got off the phone with my friend and he thrilled with his new R1T. Maybe even in love! He is so happy that ...he doesn't even care that his tonneau will be shipped when ready - no eta given. FWIW, like many of you, I am desperate for my tonneau cover...