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  1. R1S Spare Tire delivery?

    I can't remember if I ever added one to my original configuration. Is there a way to find out? Also, has the price increased since? Thanks. GR
  2. General R1S issues… what has your resolution been?

    I agree. How did that even pass QC at the factory or inspection at SC? If it were me, I probably would have rejected it rather than dealing with it after delivery. I am now worried about my own delivery as they seem to be in "end of quarter rush" mode. GR
  3. R1S spare tire options?

    Does anyone know if the compact spare was available on the configurator before the price hike? I don't remember seeing it as an option when I recently locked in my current configuration. I will be taking delivery soon and would like to get pre-March pricing if possible. GR
  4. Take those ugly (wheel aero covers) things off !!! Less than 1% diff.

    That's more concerning to me than looks. Is that because of design flaw? I don't mind keeping them on, but not if they would ruin the rims. Is anyone else having the same issue? GR
  5. ‘22 Vin from shop assigned - in sept 2023

    I think he and I may have the same guide. I asked to unmatched my VIN assigned about a week ago. I was flat out told that the reservation (pre-March) will be canceled and the deposit gone. This is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth because I have endured multiple delays and change in trim...
  6. Should I Return my R1S

    Thanks. How about rejecting delivery? Would that result in losing pre-March pricing? I don't want to take something that's unacceptable even though it may be fixable. While I am not looking for perfection, certain things may never look right if not built correctly at first. GR
  7. Should I Return my R1S

    Not sure what OP ultimately decided, but I am curious what are the consequences of returning within the 7 days/1K period. I can't imagine Rivian would refund the registration/doc fees. What about taxes? Freight cost? As I am nearing my own delivery, I want to know what options I would have if I...
  8. Input on 14-50 outlet install

    If it's as easy as replacing a regular household outlet, I think I can handle that. Anything more involved/complicated, I would leave it to the pros because I don't want to burn down the house or get electrocuted. Plus, having a backup option would be nice as it will take time for a new unit to...
  9. Input on 14-50 outlet install

    I guess I should have been a bit more specific. The requirement for a GFCI breaker is for all outlets (including NEMA) to be installed in a garage. The nuisance tripping would be caused by any EVSE that has such feature built in. Based on my limited understanding, portable EVSE (vs. ones that...
  10. Costco Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40 AMP Wall Charger 450.00

    Does anyone have this on a NEMA 14-50 outlet with a GFCI breaker? One of my local electricians told me he stopping installing 14-50 outlets for EVSE because of nuisance tripping. Do people experience tripping often with the Wallbox? I picked one up during the Costco sale and now want to put it...
  11. Input on 14-50 outlet install

    With regards to NEMA 14-50 outlet installation, I recently reached out to several local electricians to get bids and one of them replied that they have stopped installing them if it's intended for EVSE because my local jurisdiction requires a GFCI breaker, which will cause nuisance tripping...
  12. Double Check Your Purchase Agreement

    I thought about purchasing a tiny vacation home in MT for this purchase!:CWL: GR
  13. How Long Can I Delay the 8-Steps?

    Thanks. I guess I will need to get in touch with my guide. GR
  14. How Long Can I Delay the 8-Steps?

    I am currently in a somewhat similar situation in that I would prefer to postpone delivery until Nov/Dec. For those of you that got your assigned VIN unmatched, was it pretty quick to get a new VIN if you ended up not getting one from the shop? I don't want to risk delaying delivery into 2024...
  15. latest VIN for R1S

    How's yours in terms of build quality? I just got my VIN and I think it's probably the same batch as yours (different color) based on how close my VIN is to yours. Thanks. GR
  16. New front license plate holder

    I was tempted to go the DIY route because of your initial reports. Now I am having second thought!🤔 One of my reservations about Built Right is the need to bend the plate as reported by some users. I wonder if the manufacturer has made some adjustments based on feedback from some early...
  17. Front License Plate Mount that looks good and high quality?

    May be pricing has changed recently? I see BrainExploder for $55 and Built Right for $79. I like reports of BrainExploder being "easier" to install (less issues with obstructing sensors/cameras). Plus, it's cheaper. Are there better options at similar cost? GR
  18. Costco Connect insurance, are you willing to risk it?

    Maybe this question belongs in a new/different thread. Are there extra/special benefits in using Rivian/Nationwide insurance? If so are those same benefits available when obtaining coverage directly through Nationwide? GR
  19. Launch edition R1S

    I don't remember what "free" upgrades were available to LE reservations, but if Rivian needs to move those wheels (or whatever parts are piling up at the factory), why not just offer discounts on them to existing reservation holders instead of using them to bulid LE for shop inventory? Just...