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  1. General NVH / Squeaks / Noises / Rattles Solutions

    Two weeks of ownership, and this started for me today. I HATE this issue… not sure what can be done. A clear case of form over function. It drives me nuts!
  2. AC Issues

    Please do. The more of us that ticket this, the more likely they are to issue a fix.
  3. Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    CarPlay. Close second… quieter HVAC.
  4. AC Issues

    Good to know something can be done… now whether or not they will do it…
  5. AC Issues

    I’m on Day-5 with my new R1S and it sounds just like yours. If I turn off the AC, the buzz-saw sound goes away. It’s so unpleasant and embarrassing to listen to. I’m consiering returning the car because of it. Has anyone had this sound and then had a fix to make it go away? I’m not sure if...