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  1. JerseyGreens

    Normal - Factory - Vehicle Pick Up. Tour? Advantages?

    For those that choose to pickup your vehicle at the Factory in Normal - did you get any tour of the factory, meet RJ (just kidding)? I'm trying to figure out if its worth flying into Chicago, getting to Normal and then driving back to New Jersey. I would assume the final QC checks occurring at...
  2. JerseyGreens

    Kia EV9 - Final Testing - Q1 2023 Launch

    Disclaimer: I follow Kia closely because I have a 2021 Telluride...just sharing. Competition is a good thing for the EV market. For those that don't care for the off-roading capabilities this would be a formidable option. Although with this vehicle one has to deal with sketchy dealer...
  3. JerseyGreens

    2019 Preorder - Extend Preorder to future Model Year

    Hey gang - I've missed many of you the past 1.5 years - hope everyone is doing well. I'm a 2019 preorder holder who was crazy about getting a Rivian. Fast forward... we welcomed a new addition to the family and I needed a 3 row SUV. I went ahead and bought a 2021 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige...