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  1. azbill

    Storm chasing in reverse

    Tomorrow is my trip Phoenix to Tahoe, decided to leave at 4am. Tropical storm Hilary will be chasing me. Wish me luck!
  2. azbill

    TPMS too late!

    Left my house to drop my daughter off at work this morning, and about a mile down the road the truck gave me a low tire warning, 26psi. Prior to this warning I had the -- displayed for tire pressure. Why does Rivian have this delay? I also never got any message in the app about this warning...
  3. azbill

    Nav overrode my planned trip

    Tried out the trip planner for my trip this weekend from Phoenix to Carlsbad, CA. There are two ways to get there, taking I-10 through Palm Springs then down, or taking I-8 to San Diego then north. I wanted to go via I-10 and charge in Quartzsite (RAN), then in Indio (EA). That basically...
  4. azbill

    Charging outside of schedule, but only on Fridays.

    Two weeks in a row now my truck started charging outside of its schedule. This has happend on Friday afternoons/evenings, then it stops during other weekdays. I have the schedule set for weekdays only, to keep it from charging during peak hours. Does anyone know how to check the date in the...
  5. azbill

    NAV - Can I manually enter or alter a route?

    I am planning a couple of trips this summer, one is Phoenix to South Lake Tahoe. I was originally going to use my Mach E on this trip, but since there are RAN chargers in addition to EA chargers, I will take my R1T. The R1T navigation wants to route me through Las Vegas and along a route that...
  6. azbill

    Why did my truck not turn off?

    Only had my truck for a week, picked it up used. Today when I got home from golfing, I parked in my driveway, rolled the windows down and went in the house with the fob. Phone was with me too, but it is not connected to the truck at all yet. I came outside about 20 minutes later (no fob or...
  7. azbill

    Jeep is now starting a charging network

    Jeep is now setting up a new charging network at trailheads, in partnership with EA: https://media.electrifyamerica.com/en-us/releases/135
  8. azbill

    I found Rivian's test track facility, boy what a surprise!

    I saw this on Rivian's Careers site and it peaked my interest, since I live just south of Wittmann: Ford has a test track in Wittmann, so I assumed that with the partnership, that is where they would be testing. Did a Google search for Rivian LLC and Wittmann, found this address: 30700 W...
  9. azbill

    Cyber Truck has been delayed

    Someone sent me this video link. Apparently it is delayed by at least a year.
  10. azbill

    Electrify America completes the southern cross country route (I10 & I8)

    This weekend Electrify America opened their charging site in Dateland Arizona, which completes the southern US route from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA. I have been pretty active in making suggestions to them, and they have recently invited me to an upcoming webinar. I will write up my...
  11. azbill

    History of the gear tunnel

    For those that think the gear tunnel concept is new, a coworker shared this picture from a VW Doka, after I showed him a photo of the Camp Kitchen.
  12. azbill

    Hummer Reveal Teaser

    Got an email from GMC today, the official reveal will be Oct 20, 2020. The video has the "Crab Mode" with four wheel lateral steering. I alos know it will be a 800V system with 350KW charging, and the size of a GMC Sierra.
  13. azbill

    Arizona pre-orders

    Any other Arizona pre-orders? I reserved the R1T in May 2019.