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  1. ElCapiTan

    4.01 kWh club

    Here I was feeling damn good about seeing mid-3's this past weekend as I was trying to ration electrons on a road trip through a charger desert.
  2. ElCapiTan

    Full Size spare tire and wheel now available in Rivian Gear Shop!

    I was all in for pre-march pricing. I don't think $1,095 for the 21" spare is in my future. Hopefully your guide has some good news
  3. ElCapiTan

    A cat likes my R1T hood

    Do you have a dog? There is a 'neighborhood cat' in my subdivision that roams from yard to yard... except mine. The cat appears to avoid my yard like the plague. I've seen this same cat lounging on neighbors cars but never mine. Good for the cat because I'd setup a BlackOps sting operation...
  4. ElCapiTan

    Acceleration surges coming out of a corner

    I've noticed the same thing in my R1T. Does not happen every time I accelerate out of a corner but I've only seen it happen in corners. Never noticed any teletale symbols but I'm going to keep an ey out. After reading the responses the traction control kinda makes sense.
  5. ElCapiTan

    Should Be Excited, But Feeling Nervous

    CHAdeMO is still damn near at every charger location I visit. How many cars were built last year with CHAdeMO connectors? Two maybe three. You'll be fine. Enjoy the Rivian.
  6. ElCapiTan

    Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    I turned the notification off because I found it annoying. I assumed I just turned of the notification but I'm going to re-enable it to see if it makes a difference.
  7. ElCapiTan

    Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    :CWL: Oh shoot I totatly forgot about the truck popping the alert to say look at the cool footage I got of you trying to get in your own truck. Nope I'm on a Pixel 6. I got my truck in January and it worked flawlessly for about a month. Then one of the updates messed it up. I've tried...
  8. ElCapiTan

    Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    I'm pretty damn happy... Proximity unlocking. PAAK or key FOB, neither work consistently. I had a brief period where it seemed to work rather good. Now I'm frequently standing next to my truck looking stupid. Then soon as I dig in to my pocket for the phone or FOB it unlocks. I swear my...
  9. ElCapiTan

    Rivian R1T One Year Owner's Review @ 14 months 20k miles

    Solid and fair review. I have a couple of questions: Rear is 5/32 with most miles in conserve? That seems backwards, did you reverse the readings? With software increase that made more of the battery available how are you recognizing any battery degradation? With no geeky metrics available...
  10. ElCapiTan

    Wait.. we really don't need the jack pucks?

    I'm on the same page as you. Yes I can afford the truck but that does not mean I'm open to frequently shovel cash into my truck. I'm getting close to tire rotation time and I'm just going to go with Discount Tire. I asked my local shop last month and they already had pucks. If I'm ever able...
  11. ElCapiTan

    Are the Rivian door handles always sticking out when the car is unlocked?

    Bracelets only came with launch editions. As of recent, the only way you can get one for a non-launch edition is to buy from an owner that got one with their truck.
  12. ElCapiTan

    New Software Update: 2023.10.02 Just Got Pushed OTA

    Same for me. PAAK has recently gotten worse for me. I now always have to wake my phone. I'm going to try unpairing my phone and pairing again.
  13. ElCapiTan

    (Stupid?) Tidal Question

    I really wanted to like Tidal. Been using it for 2 months. I just got another spotify trail premiumum for two months. Spotify interface in Rivian is just better than the Tidal. The ability to easily 'heart' songs is the main thing I want. I'll probably cancel my paid Tidal next month and go...
  14. ElCapiTan

    Rivian Wall Charger Order Issue

    Charger pricing is matched to the truck purchase. I assume you must have picked one from the R1 shop that did not have a charger with it. Only option is to get from Gear shop at new pricing. Or check with your electric company to see if they have any specials. Nothing special about the...
  15. ElCapiTan

    Rivian confirms no Meridian Sound System in my R1S. It has in-house audio system

    OP should probably consider selling while the selling is good and move on to a car company that better meets the OP's standards. Sticking with the vehicle and adding items to the unhappy list is only going to add more resentment.
  16. ElCapiTan

    DIY solution for storing Torx 20/25 just in case -- in trailer hitch

    Great idea and thanks for sharing but am I the only one thinking OP "Yada Yada'd" over the important part... Hollowing out the 2 x 4.
  17. ElCapiTan

    Sending address from app to Rivian nav?

    When in doubt reboot... try an entertainment system reboot just in case that is the issue.
  18. ElCapiTan

    Almost finished with mods: PPF, ceramic coating, tints, mud flaps, sun roof shade (& more to come)

    The weblink does not inspire confidence for me. At the price of 1k with a delay to make a custom order, I'll continue waiting for more reviews and other possible options. But OP's truck does look good, so I'll be watching.
  19. ElCapiTan

    Almost finished with mods: PPF, ceramic coating, tints, mud flaps, sun roof shade (& more to come)

    Tonneau looks great. A quick google search based on what you called it and I found nothing. We need more details.