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  1. KingTodd

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    I was parked at the airport for about 2.5 days with gear guard on. I lost 2 miles of range over that time. That is an improvement.
  2. KingTodd

    Do you think EVs are eventually going to hurt exotic car brands?

    I am not sure and don’t care , but just voted for not sure Can’t there be a new EV exotic car? Because I don’t care enough to think about it , I will remain unsure
  3. KingTodd

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    Day 1 with the update, and only drove about 13 miles not going above 45 but did have speed bumps and sharp turns…much better
  4. KingTodd

    Proximity and PAAK - Why can’t it work consistently?

    My experience is better than yours but could still use improvement. works really well if I approach my Rivian with phone and app open, also true if just phone open. Now if the phone isn’t open then it is less successful especially if the Rivian is sleeping. I have been Next to my Rivian and...
  5. KingTodd

    Lifted Rivian R1T on lift kit and 38s!! + Drag Race vs. Ram TRX

    I wouldn’t do it with my Rivian therefore it is stupid actually it reminds me of the toys Stompers with their big wheels and that makes it kinda cool.
  6. KingTodd

    What are your top 3 reasons for purchasing an R1S?

    EV Size/Room Range it was all 3 of these together; they aren’t listed by importance to me. I put down a deposit because it was the first EV that was going to, and did, meet all 3 for myself.
  7. KingTodd

    Massive cross country trip completed in Rivian R1T! 8,878 miles, 100 charges, 2.1 mi/kWh

    Nice write up. If you ever want to write more I suggest elaborating on all the different chargers you used. I don’t think I have seen a Shell Charger yet. Also I recommend only using “massive” if it is followed by “bowel movement” or “dump”.
  8. KingTodd

    GPS position "jumping" around...

    I labeled it dangerous because generating confusion for the driver does increase the likely hood of accidents. At a minimum it distracts the driver ever time it reroutes especially unexpectedly
  9. KingTodd

    GPS position "jumping" around...

    My R1S does this when I stop at an intersection. Very annoying and could be dangerous.
  10. KingTodd

    Two semi loads of Cybertrucks in Gallup, NM

    Not even 24 hours after this post, there are 5 pages….of hate. what have we become (by we , I mean you)
  11. KingTodd

    Pennsylvania 2023 Rivian R1S (Price Dropped to $92,000)

    If the dude can sell it for way more than he paid, then good for him.
  12. KingTodd

    Rivian Garage Behavior

    In addition to previous 2 posts, turn off gear guard at home.
  13. KingTodd

    Pennsylvania 2023 Rivian R1S (Price Dropped to $92,000)

    Thank you. Wish I thought of that. You must be like a real life Sherlock Holmes going around solving mysteries. I bet you drive an R1S repainted to look like the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. unless the OP comes back with a different answer. In which case…. :)
  14. KingTodd

    New Princeton, NJ Service Center coming?

    Does having a storage area mean that the location is just for that instead of a SC, or do they go together….or nobody here has a clue but we will all speculate endlessly until a firm statement comes from Rivian.
  15. KingTodd

    WeatherTech R1S Rear Cargo Liners Are Here

    Thanks for sharing. Sucks you have to deal with this , but very helpful for the community. I have a few weathertech products in my R1S and they are great so I am surprised if they did this so poorly.
  16. KingTodd

    Pettiest complaint: I hate the turn signals

    I’m OK with the sound but the lack of cancelling has reallly irked me. I was scared to start a thread on it because I thought it was a petty complaint.
  17. KingTodd

    Service appointment 3 months out ?

    It’s 3 months for non safety stuff at Brooklyn :(
  18. KingTodd

    Conserve mode: Need new tires!

    I’m not going to read through 4 pages of posts so though likely said already, when my R1S was delivered the person dropping it off told me this would happen if I used Conserve mode a lot. He said use it when you need the extra range but not otherwise