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  1. jplblue

    Two weekends in the Adirondacks; +1 for Rivian Nav./Mapbox?

    We took back-to-back weekend trips to the Adirondacks. First weekend: We went to the Hudson Gorge Wilderness area, where we waded in a river by our campsite and paddled the nearby lake. Not counting the cost of food and home charging, the trip cost us a total of $6.05: we CCS charged for...
  2. jplblue

    Cooling and Heating a tent using Vehicle A/C?

    I've been following this product that just launched on Kickstarter. It uses hoses to connect the vehicle's A/C to a tent. How effective do y'all think it'll be? Might be limited to hookup sites? I got one of the early bird pledges, but might cancel.
  3. jplblue

    Shakedown Camping Trip with R1S and iKamper Skycamp 2.0/3.0 to the Adirondacks

    Got the chance to take out the R1S for a shakedown trip over the weekend. The goal was to see how much we can take along, even though we didn't use or need some of it. The R1S with the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 capably accommodated 2 adults, 2 young kids, and a dog. We had the following gear...
  4. jplblue

    Overland Journal Talks R1S

    Listened to this over the weekend and thought others here may enjoy. Overall, they were very complementary of the R1S and Rivian in general, with the exception of one of the host not liking one-pedal driving. Starts at 29:50:
  5. jplblue

    Sandy Munro Takes R1T Off-Roading + Load Test

    Sandy Munro takes the R1T to an off-road park. According to Sandy, the R1T outclassed the Jeeps that were there, although Cory says Sandy hasn't regularly off-roaded in 2 decades. Interesting that the R1T was on 21 aeros without the underbody armor.
  6. jplblue

    New Report Dropping the 28th

    In the most recent Transport Evolved News, Nikki said that she back from Colorado where she test drove a vehicle -- but it's under embargo for 10 days: Dollar to donuts that it's Rivian, especially since someone in another thread spotted her photographed with an R1T and a small group of...