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  1. Polestar 3 SUV annouced, makes R1S look like a great deal!

    Counterpoint: - The Polestar is a GREAT looking SUV, quite a bit sportier than the R1S - The Polestar is plenty fast, thank you - It has the must-haves - wide performance tires, active air suspension, torque vectoring, huge brakes, etc. - Polestar is smaller in a good way if you aren't looking...
  2. Rivian's share of new EV registrations (vs other brands) for 2023 YTD

    Taycan has gone from "get on the huge waiting list and wait a year" to "Yea, we can get you one in six months, and we have a few unsold base models on the lot" in the last six months. But the typical Porsche buyer spends weeks with the configurator, and is willing to spend and wait to get...
  3. R1S school buses lined up at drop off this morning

    Looks like you are correct about Taycan US sales. The sold around 120K world wide, but only around 20K to the US. So there are more Rivan than Taycan here.
  4. R1S school buses lined up at drop off this morning

    It's odd: Porsche has sold way more Taycan EVs than Rivian has R1s, and yet I see more Rivian than Taycan. I guess Rivian just get driven more.
  5. Cybertruck charging port not looking good. Rivian’s location is better

    Well I guess we'll be seeing longer cables on the Tesla chargers then. So there will be *something* good to come from the existence of this thing.
  6. I just read where RJ was critiquing people who purchase gasoline vehicles.

    I don't think you read the actual article. Please have a read and then update your post and your conclusions about what he said.
  7. Hawaii customers

    Earlier this year I saw at least three R1Ts driving around Oahu, in spite of there being no service center there, nor on any of the Hawaiian islands. Those are some brave owners!
  8. August delivery updates are in! What is your new estimated delivery window?

    My R1S date moved from mid 2024 to early 2024, but I also got this offer: So now it's "switch to the lower performance (but still fast), not-for-offroad-use with a worse powertrain warranty but higher range and MUCH cheaper for us to build dual-motor setup and we'll shave $500 off the...
  9. Sick of All These Gawkers

    Gawking, poking their heads in here and there, and not a one of them likely to actually buy a Rivian.
  10. Costco Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40 AMP Wall Charger 450.00

    $450 is a very good price for a very good charger. I have a 48A charger, hard-wired, because of course hardwire is better than plug and faster is better than slower. But I ended up turning it down to 32A because I don't need the speed and wanted to be as gentle as possible on the battery, so...
  11. “New” Quad Motor R1T pricing is crazy and not sustainable (even if Cybertruck priced higher than original reveal price estimate)

    Someone commented that the Rivian R1S is like a Range Rover with a splash of Wranger Rubicon aesthetic thrown in. The folks from Munro specifically said the Rivian R1 chassis and suspension looked like a "high-end Range Rover from the future". A no-options-selected Range Rover Sport dynamic...
  12. Dual Motor Options Now Available in R1T / R1S Online Configurator

    I see the same in my (pre price-hike) configurator. I can now choose to downgrade to the performance dual-motor option and: * Save $500 (yawn) * Gain 17 miles of rated range (always nice, but only 17 miles?) * Lose 170 HP (that I don't really need) * Lose some drive modes * Get a slightly worse...
  13. F150 Lightning gets nearly $10K in price cuts

    We badly need lower cost EVs, so good news all around. For Rivian, if the demand for the R1T drops a bit as a result of this or the Cybertruck then you decide to shift over to making more R1S, for which there is a hefty backlog of demand.
  14. Rivian hires Sarah O’Brien (former Tesla, Apple, Meta executive) to lead communications

    As far as I can discern, the communications role at Tesla consists of sending out poop emojis - Wait, that's Twitter. So then just saying an occasional "What Elon just said." Why in the world would she had taken that job?
  15. Telo EV Pickup Truck first look: 5 seats, 5 foot bed, 350 miles range, 0-60 in 4 seconds, size of Mini Cooper 🤯

    In reality I'll end up with the R1S that I ordered so long ago. But in the abstract, I like this cutle little guy quite a bit, and I'll take a version of one as my DIY hauler and grocery-getter. ...In Orange, minus the dent, with the SUV/Van format but still able to haul a 4x8 sheet with the...