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  1. PPF Affordable DIY from TWRAPS

    I did mine too. Good thing about Rivian is that the 6, 12 and 18 inch bulk rolls cover almost all areas very well. They are cheap too. I covered good, front and tailgate for under $500. Good piece was most expensive at around $220. I still have left over for lower door area.
  2. Study on EV battery lifespan yields 'shocking' (positive) results

    Is degradation the primary problem though? I always worry that one of the 7776 cells will go bad and decide to pull a fast fire on me.
  3. How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    It used to toss me around like I am driving a "real" truck if I hit my driveway at an angle. My other cars don't do this. After update it's smooth. Also better on a very bumpy road nearby. Haven't pushed in corners yet after update. I leave it in AP standard height all the time.
  4. Guess the estimate for this accident collision repair?

    I wouldn't mind buying a 6 month old R1S, if it costs me 40k 😉. I am fine leaving the dentist as-is. If the insurance totals it, that is.
  5. Creaking Sound When Initially Accelerating

    I think I have the same. Developed at around 6k miles.
  6. Audi SQ8 starting at $89,800 - Tri motor - 0-60 in 4.2 seconds

    200 miles in all conditions is just about enough. Rivian 320 translated into 240 when shown mountains, sub zero temperatures and 80 mph freeways. 200 miles in ideal conditions is not sufficient for half of the US who see cold winter temperatures.
  7. Polestar 3 SUV annouced, makes R1S look like a great deal!

    Looks like a stormtrooper
  8. Rivian won't sell me a truck due to my middle name. WTF.

    Get insurance temporary for a month or two with another company and switch post purchase. If you are not using Rivian financing, that can't do anything. Costs you $100 to $200 and a saves you a lot of headache. It's not ideal, but we don't need to fight all battles. Edit: I looked up and you...
  9. RJ suggests Rivian leasing coming soon, unlocking $7,500 EV tax credit

    As long as interest rate on lease is low, and it can be bought at end of lease, it's a good deal. If car gets in an accident or if it starts spontaneous combusting, I can walk away from the car .
  10. Any regrets on 20" All Terrain tires for suburban parents not off-roading?

    I have 21s and had a loaner on 20s. There is a noticeable rumble in 20s. If you are not used to off-road tires, you will notice it. 20s are a bit smoother on large imperfections. 20s with all seasons would be ideal. But that combo is expensive as Rivian won't sell us in that combo.
  11. Oh boy this is bad 🫣

    I guess these people are buying totalled R1Ts. Mods must be cheaper than a proper repair to spec 😂.
  12. Has anyone switched from R1S <—> R1T

    Try using EV for road trips for an year and see if it works for you/your neck of the woods. It's good if the second car is ICE for a few more years, IMO.
  13. R1S school buses lined up at drop off this morning

    Have an S three homes up the street. Lots in the neighborhood.
  14. SST Battery Station

    Those have unknown origins, and almost certainly have been subject to high G forces. I don't want to burn the house down.
  15. Lifted Rivian R1T on lift kit and 38s!! + Drag Race vs. Ram TRX

    I guess the made Rivian into a "Real" truck. I hate these "real" trucks.
  16. Discovered that R1T Powered Tonneau Available in Gear Shop Early 2024?!

    Mine still works ☺️. Or Atleast, it did 4 months back 🤞
  17. Cybertruck charging port not looking good. Rivian’s location is better

    One good thing I see is that the sharp edge is high enough off the ground. Kids will not be punished for parents mistakes.
  18. Update 2023.34.0 -- Improved Handling & Ride Comfort, Phone Call Steering Wheel Functions, Set Speed for ACC / HWA, 25% Better Sleep Range Loss

    Companies want tight control for both safety and 💰. We browser is open and Rivian will lose all control. Tim Cook would give his right arm to kill off safari on IPhone. Also changing handling is a double edge sword. How do I know if I like it or not? Friends Audi got an update and made the...