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  1. garrison

    Has anyone tried cheap eBay running boards?

    I'm looking for a running board but don't really need sliders (nor can I justify spending $1600+ on them), and the lead time for EV Sportline running boards seems to be quite lengthy. Does anyone have experience with the un-branded running boards from eBay, whether on the Rivian or other...
  2. garrison

    Front Runner Roof Racks Now Available for both R1T and R1S

    Just noticed that Front Runner now has their Slimline II roof rack available for both the R1T and R1S. Neither one is in stock at the moment but pricing is $1,422 for the R1T and $1,508 for the R1S, with 15% off currently (but it doesn't look like you can order one while they're out of stock)...
  3. garrison

    Using Rally Mode on-road

    I've started experimenting with using Off-Road -> Rally mode when driving around town in my R1S. The suspension is much smoother going over bumps and potholes compared to All-Purpose mode. My usual commute is about 50% on dirt roads, which are in pretty bad shape currently from recent storms...
  4. garrison

    New York Sold: WTB: (1) 20” AT wheel and tire to use as spare

    Rivian won’t sell us R1S owners a full size spare so I’m looking to buy one. Will travel a reasonable distance from NY. Edit: I took SoCal Rob's suggestion and reached out to Rivian and explained that I wanted a full sized spare for off-roading/road trips and that I understood it wouldn't fit...
  5. garrison

    R1S crossbar weight capacity when using 3 crossbars?

    I see the manual lists a 250lb weight limit per pair of crossbars (when driving). Does anyone know if that weight limit would increase if 3 crossbars are used and the weight is spread among all 3 crossbars, such as with a roof rack?
  6. garrison

    R1S Payload Stickers

    I did a search for this but couldn't find a thread with real life R1S payloads, so I'm posting this in case people are curious. I just took delivery of my R1S and was pleasantly surprised that the payload was at 1632 lbs, since I had seen a bunch of R1Ts with payloads in the 1300-1400 range...